Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Baggage Game: Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Welcome to another installment of The Baggage Game! Tonight's dater is Jonathan, a travel writer from Peoria, Illinois. (Hey, I'd travel too if I was from Peoria, OH!) He wants an exciting, outgoing woman.

Holly is a sales rep from Vista, California. She's blonde and tan, and generally easy on the eyes. Kara is dubiously billed as a "business owner" from Vegas, which makes me think her "business" could be part of her baggage. She is tall, skinny and brunette - Kind of like a young version of that former model from Just Shoot Me and Hot In Cleveland. Finally, there is Angela [right], a musician from Houston, Texas. She is wearing an incredibly short aqua dress, and she's ginger, giving her a bit of an advantage on the other two. (Well, at least to me.)

First Round

Holly: My birth name is Holly Wood.
Kara: I spent a night in the slammer.
Angela: I take my pink poodle everywhere. (Jerry says, "You've got Holly Wood and Legally Blonde.)

Holly's baggage shouldn't even count; seriously, that's it? Kara says she got a DWI when she was 19 and in Santa Barbara, and it sounds like she regrets it, so meh. Meanwhile, Angela brings her dog out, and it looks like the spawn of Satan. It's not even pink; it's like red. Jerry wants Jonathan to prove that he's manly enough to handle the pink poodle, and even makes a fake walking motion. Reason #8,010,672 that he is perfect for this show. For what it's worth, Angela insane dog is definitely my pick.

Second Round

Angela: I work 80 hours a week.
Holly: I party at clubs every night.
Kara: I broke up a marriage.

The weird thing is that the marriage one bothers me the least. That could just be a momentarily lapse in judgment. However, it's Jonathan's biggest piece of baggage. (Seriously though dude, you'd rather have the girl who is STILL clubbing or working 80 hours a week?) And right on cue, Kara is eliminated, and she says it was a one-time fling, and that she didn't know the guy was married. So, nice pick, Jonathan.

Holly says she is a beer rep, so she likes to go out and have fun and network. She says he is always welcome to come, and to have some free beers. Meanwhile, Angela says she is married to her work, and she has toured with Willie Nelson and others. (This is also why the poodle comes with her.) She also immediately calls Holly an alcoholic, which makes me laugh.

And in the "Internet is a small place!" category, using my impeccable reporting skills, I've found Angela. If you'd like to take a peek, you can find her Twitter here, and her website with a music sample here.

Final Elimination Round

Holly: I spy on my boyfriends.
Angela: I want to be pregnant with twins - immediately. (Jerry says, "We have at least another 10 minutes to go.")

Holly basically admits to doing a stakeout on her boyfriend... but she actually caught him in the act. Meanwhile, Angela's desire sounds completely nuts. But she is very sweet about it, at least.

Jonathan decides to "go with his gut feeling" and sends Holly home. He says he's past the party stage of his life, so I suppose it's good that he sends Holly home. She reacts bitterly. Angela comes over and gives Anthony a hug, and for the first time, I realize she is either REALLY short, or he is really tall. (I'm guessing she's short, since Springer isn't that much shorter than Anthony.) Jonathan's baggage is one of these three:

- I scammed people in a pyramid scheme.
- I have a furry fetish.
- I broke up with my ex during her grandmother's funeral.

The only one that is vaguely acceptable to me is the funeral thing. It's only understandable in the context that maybe the whole thing was overwhelming to him, and made him realize he didn't want to be with the person. However, personally, I would probably wait until the funeral was over. The pyramid scheme thing is just a sign of disturbing morals, and the furry fetish? Good lord.

Angela admits that the furry thing would be the worst to her, since she has a furry pink poodle. However, Jonathan's actual baggage is the pyramid scheme, booooo! He said he was in Asia and met some charismatic people, and he in turn recruited some people for it. He then realized it was a scam, and he got out of it. Angela says sorry... but she can accept his baggage. Booyah, fakeout!

Note: The videos page is down right now. I'll try to add in a link later if I can.


  1. Although I really don't like the idea of adding dye to your dog's fur, I find his baggage unacceptable. Like you said, it shows a lack of morals... and if he could do something like that to strangers, what else is he capable of doing?

  2. @ THE Frisky Virgin - I agree with you. Her dog is like bright, bright red, too.

  3. I really want to watch this programme but I dont think we get it in UK :(.

  4. I don't feel like I ever need to watch this show. I just wait for your recaps and commentary.

    Anyway, you had me at "she's ginger, giving her a bit of an advantage."

  5. @ Princess - There are some episodes up from time to time on the Game Show Network's website:

    However, they go down pretty frequently, and only first season episodes are up as of now. I try to link them when I can. There is also one full episode up on YouTube:

  6. @ Jen - I take it there is some self-interest in that statement, judging from your picture ;) But yes, I find redheads to be very attractive, and their rarity surely helps. I've never dated a redhead.

  7. The 80 hours a week woman doesn't seem like she has so much baggage. I don't think most women would consider that a deal breaker for a man, especially if they're, um, inclined to date someone with a lot of money...

  8. @ Sadako - heh, Well, she framed it as her being really busy while she was on tour, so I could see it as being less of an issue as they portrayed on the show. Like, I wouldn't mind being on the ride with my superstar singing wife, just taking care of the kids and writing a bit while she earned the bacon.

  9. Hey guys/gals...It's me..."Ginger" A.K.A. Angela w/ the very fuschia poodle! The producers wanted her to be over the top, so that was out of my hands. Please don't judge me. :( You are all so sweet-was shocked to have ran across this!

  10. Yet another person who doesn't understand furries...


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