Saturday, August 7, 2010

A quick post of odds and ends.

Saturdays are always my least-read day, which in turn makes it hard for me to get the proper motivation toward them. A couple weeks ago, I had the idea of using it as a showcase for my horrible cartoon strip, The Greatest Comic Ever Ever, and I managed to get the first one posted. However, I probably don't have regular access to a scanner for another couple of weeks, so I've decided to delay pursuing that completely.

So, since I don't have the comic to use for Saturdays, I decided instead to do some random odds and ends, entertainment-wise. You know, for things I couldn't really do a full post on, but that still interest me. For example...

- Did you know Paris Hilton can be funny? Me either! And surprisingly, it took Jimmy Fallon to get it out of her. The above is still one of my favorite Saturday Night Live clips. She wasn't hosting this episode, just doing a guest spot, which is probably why it was decent. (The episode she did host wasn't that well-received by the cast, apparently.)

Always funny and awesome though is Kenan Thompson in "What Up With That." I notice something new each time, like how Kenan doesn't slap Lindsay Buckingham's hand.

- I caught some of the Betty White-featuring Hot in Cleveland the other night, and I thought it was pretty enjoyable. If you like The Golden Girls, but wish they weren't all effing ancient, then this is funny in a similar way. The only annoying aspect is the persistent laugh track. It's a good, old school style scripted comedy, with a completely ridiculous premise of three showbiz workers deciding to leave it all behind for the relaxed life of Cleveland, but it is overall a bit of a throwback to a somewhat bygone era.

However, it does make me question whether it is wrong for me to be quite enamored with Jane Leeves. She's almost 50, but between the accent and the general good looks, she's still quite foxy.

The picture of Jane comes from this TV Land photo gallery, which is also the network the show is on.


  1. Haha, "What Up With That?" is one of the most random skit ideas ever, but they always make me laugh. Kenan and I go way back to his "All That" days.

  2. @ Jen - I agree! It's random, but awesome. I was never much for All That, it was more of a show my younger sister watched.

  3. Have you noticed that Paris' head bobs around like one of those hula dolls? Can someone please do us all a favor and snap it off once and for all?... I think we have established that you like all sorts of girls Steve. Jane Leeves, that's cool. I'm sure she would be down with test driving the ole wang chung!
    xo -The Empress

  4. @ Empress - I have a confession to make, in that I don't find Paris Hilton to be completely unattractive. I think she's in on the act that the world thinks she is a fucking idiot, and while she might be, she knows enough how to milk it to its maximum extent. It's only the fact that she has been out banging half of Hollywood, to paraphrase David Alan Grier, that makes my junk unlike her.

    And haha, I think Leeves is married. Or at least, she seems like she would be. (Hopefully not to a nebish dweeb like David Hyde Pierce.) But yeah, I do have a wide range - in looks and personality - in terms of who I like. My own dating history ranges from women who were waifish, model looks to large with large breasts, and most sizes in-between.

  5. I'm still convinced Paris Hilton might be Satan... Or Jabba The Hutt in disguise. Hm. Probably the latter.

  6. One day I'm going to write a post called "Why Hulu Can Kiss My Ass" as I always get left out of the effin' party with Hulu clips. You see funny stuff and I get THIS MESSAGE.

    And no, of course I didn't mess with it. Much.

  7. @ Christina - She can't be either; I've seen portions of the sex tape, so I can attest that she doesn't have a tail. She could be a harpy or siren or succubus of some sort though.

  8. love Betty and her new show, like the odds and ends, I miss SNL when Tracey would do his safari skit, OMG that was highlarious, you should post some of those next Saturday!


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