Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stats, stats and stats - August 17, 2010

Although most of my readers are women, page views spike when I include pictures of women. I have no idea why this is the case, but please enjoy Marla Sokoloff, Anna Kendrick and Alison Brie.

Back when I started this blog, I would originally see how my hits changed from month-to-month, and then post about this and my AdSense stats. However, this didn't really make for that scintillating of a post. (If you're curious anyway, you can check out those posts by checking out this tag.)

However, it has been about 10 months since I last did one, so I figured it might be a bit more interesting now. Also, I've seen other bloggers talk about their most-searched keywords, like here. I thought to myself, "Hey, maybe people have found my site looking for interesting things as well!" Well, the results are a bit disappointing, but hey... It's my blog, so I guess you'll have to read them anyway. (mwhahaha! ... wait, wait, don't go!) Ranked in terms of popularity...

1) Annie's boobs. This is a reference to the NBC show Community, which I like quite a bit. In an episode parodying Goodfellas, one of the characters gets a monkey and decides to name it Annie's Boobs. Annie is another character on the show, played by the lovely Alison Brie. (By "lovely" I mean that she is really hot and was a complete slut in college, which is luridly interesting.) If you Google Image for "Annie's Boobs", my blog is the first one to come up, although I personally like the picture to the right that includes the monkey. (Click for the full-size version of it.) It's from this awesome picture capture site. Annie's Boobs (the monkey, not the actual anatomy, unfortunately) also has a Twitter account, which you can find here.

2) Dash Worthington. Similar to the above-entry, my picture is the first that pops up when you search for the term. Dash is The Daily Show's senior correspondent, and by that I mean he's about 65 years old. I wrote an entry about him here.

3) My friend Kate. The actual search term used is her first and last name, which I don't really want to use in this entry. I have no idea why people are Googling her, after all, and I only make one reference to her on my blog, a throwaway comment about how the song "Kate" by Ben Folds Five always makes me think of her.

4) Abigail Spencer twix. Much like Katie White from The Ting Tings, Abigail is someone I find so drop dead gorgeous that I hope we will be married at some point in the future. (I'm not sure if she will be before or after Katie, or if I'm just going to go old school Mormon.) But anyway, Abigail isn't a really well-known actress, so my blog entry on her was one of the few floating around on the web about her for a while. Also, because I'm mentioning her now, it gives me an excuse to re-run her photo:

5) site:stephenonstuff.blogspot.com giants over cowboys. I have no clue why this is a popular search term, actually. My friends Bob and Kristin pick football games with me during the football season, but if anyone is seriously using the picks for gambling advice out there, they're really in trouble. This also reminds me, sadly, that I never revealed who won last year... Or sent the winner their prize...

Uh, let's just move on! Anyway, those are the most popular search terms. I don't really have any weird search terms, unless you consider "Rihanna sucks" or "Molly Culver naked" to be odd statements. (Both are understandable to me.) And now to close out the entry, some conventional stats:

Lifetime Blog Stats
Range: March 6, 2009 to August 17, 2010

Total number of visits – 10,868
Total number of pageviews – 17,767
Average time on site – 1:37
Percentage of new visitors – 57.19%
Most popular day – July 27, 2010 (92 visits)
Least popular day – October 7, 2009 (4 visits)
Browsers used - Firefox (54.69%), IE (18.47%), Safari (14.72%), Chrome (9.86%) and Mozilla Compatible Agent (0.86%)
Top Ten popular states – Rhode Island (1,919), Massachusetts (1,342), California (839), New York (711), Virginia (640), Texas (266), Mississippi (214), Illinois (214), Minnesota (212) and Connecticut (192)
Top Ten unpopular states – Delaware, Montana and South Dakota (3), Wyoming (4), Alaska (7), Idaho (13), Nebraska (15), West Virginia and New Mexico (19), and Iowa (20)
Top Ten cities, excluding Rhode Island – Ft. Myer, VA (441); New York, NY (400); Medfield, MA (271); Cambridge, MA (263); Providence, RI (188); Minneapolis, MN (162); Brighton, MA (155); Washington D.C. (154); Somerville, MA (151) and Biloxi, MS (138)
Ad revenue – $13.46

That's right, I'm rich! RICH.

The Anna Kendrick picture at the top is from here. Alison Brie's image is from here, and Marla Sokoloff's is from a spam site I'm not going to link to.


  1. Chrome! North Carolina! Represent.

    Is Marla Sokoloff the actress who played Gia on Full House?

  2. @ Jen - She is indeed one and the same! The weird thing is, everyone remembers her from that, but she was only in eight episodes according to IMDB. I think everyone just remembers her because she had the make-out party at her house, then Danny Tanner had to come and rescue Stephanie, but at the end of the episode there was some flirting between Danny and Gia's mom. (Oh, la and LA.)

    However, after that, she was in 100 episodes or so of The Practice, and she was in Dude Where's My Car? I think those have been her biggest roles since Full House.

  3. That's weird that people search for the football thing. It's so specific. I get a lot of people coming to my blog with the search "dirty mad libs"

  4. Steve,
    always value your advice, as you are one of the few men that follow my site and actively contribute. Yes sex sells, and I am sure since you have the words boobs in here a few times your page views will be at an all time high lol

  5. I always kind of wanted to do one of those posts, or at least see what kind of weird crap brings people to my site, but I have NO IDEA how people check this.

    It makes me feel like one of the special ed, kids.

  6. I love looking at all the odd keywords people look up to get to my page. Thanks to randomness of what I write I get some pretty bizarre searches.

  7. Totally agree with Queen--I truly value your comments/advice. It's nice to have a guy's point of view. :)

  8. @ PTM - hm, Odd! Do you do dirty madlibs? If so, that makes sense at least.

  9. @ Queen - Aw, thanks! And, unfortunately, the boobs didn't seem to help the page views so much. (But on the plus side, I got to see them! Woohoo!)

  10. @ Megs - Do you have a Google Analytics account? If you sign up for one of those, it gives you a code you can paste into your blog, and then it can trace where all of your people are coming from and what not.

  11. @ TS - Oh? Do tell!

    @ THE Frisky Virgin - Aw, you're too kind. Thanks!


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