Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Proper post on Baggage later.

I have to cover this big county fair in town tonight, so I'll be posting a bit later. In case you were wondering, as if the dangerous backyard squirrels didn't give it away, yes, I live in a pretty rural area. My new place leads out to a huge farm in the back, and my old place is near where this fair takes place. So, whooo wheee!


  1. County fairs are the best. Where else can you get crazy competitive FFA and 4-H kids and drunken rednecks all in one place?

  2. @ Alison - True! It's like a melting pot of all things hick.

  3. Wow, you are like a famous writer now or what?

  4. @ Queen - Just now? ;) Actually, my "real world" job is as a reporter, so my writing is regularly out there. It's normally just on a super-local level though. You can find some of my stuff at .


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