Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In lieu of Baggage, please enjoy When A Kitten Attacks

Sooo. Originally, I planned to review some Baggage episodes by watching them online. Since I moved to my new place, I hadn't set the DVR up to record the show. Unfortunately though, it looks like the streaming video on is down for the new season. Therefore, I won't have a Baggage entry until Friday. Sorry folks!

As an apology, please take this humorous photo of Minnie the Kitten:

Obviously, at some point while I was at work today, she decided that the paper towel holder MUST die. I found it on the floor when I came home from covering the fair this evening. Sigh! Luckily though, it was all paper, so I was able to easily chuck it in a bag.

Speaking of the fair, I'll add that it is incredibly odd to cover a huge event in the area 1) you grew up and 2) you work two different jobs in. I was doing constant double takes because I saw people I knew, or I thought I knew them from my various travails. So yeah, that was weird.

(Also: Someone tapped my car at 5 m.p.h. while I was about to make a turn. There was no damage to my car, so I figured "meh", and neither of us called the police, since we didn't want our rates to increase. However, it was then weird because we were both going the same way, and she inadvertently followed me for 35 minutes. At this point in the story, I think it's supposed to take a turn on to Sexy, but unfortunately, this was not Skinemax, and she was like missing three teeth.)


  1. Well, if she knows how to put those three teeth to good use, then you never know...

    Minnie showed that paper towel who the eff was boss! Funny kitty!

    xo The Empress

  2. Missing three teeth... way to kill what could have been a beautiful image. lol

    There's no way to stay mad at a kitten like that. If anything it deserves an award.

  3. @ Empress - You should either have all your teeth... or none of your teeth. Anything in-between is just a tease. And yeah, Minnie is a very, very aggressive cat. She's still a baby, less than a year old, I believe. When I'm home and actually have to get stuff done, I have to keep her shut in my roommate's room, because otherwise she keeps jumping on the laptop and what not.

  4. @ TS - I didn't mind this so much, but she can be pretty annoying. She ripped the "func" key on my laptop the other day; luckily I never use it anyway.

  5. She is way too cute to make such a big mess.

    Did the lady in the other car cry? That's usually how I get out of a situation like that. Not that it ever happens. Not often anyway.

  6. @ Jen - Don't let the looks deceive you. She can be a terror. She also likes to hang on toilet paper rolls and rip them down too.

    The other lady didn't cry, she actually was sounding like she wanted to call it in. She had full coverage and a piece of shit car, so it almost makes me wonder if she was hoping to get a "freebie" or some money from this, or something.

  7. When this happened to me a couple years ago, I actually should have called it in because the damage was pretty noticeable. And the guy was totally willing. It was just that I decided he was a serial killer (braided leather belt and loafers with tassels - foolproof sign that a guy wants to play with your entrails) and thought I would be smarter just to accept the damage.

    I comforted myself with that "narrow escape" every time I had to slam the trunk 7 times in order to get it to close properly.

  8. @ Megs - Wow, that guy sounds creepy. Like a non-charming Crocodile Dundee? Good times, good times. And oddly enough, the lady that hit me, her trunk doesn't close properly either! (I hope it wasn't you who hit me.)

  9. haha yeah, butters ripped the M key off my old laptop. dumb cats! :p

  10. @ Danielle - Note that she didn't rip off a key that you needed to spell HER name, just Maggie's name. She knows who her competition is for love in her own habitat.


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