Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oh, Craiggers, I hardly knew ye :(

I'm a big fan of Craig Kilborn. I've written about my love for him in the past, so therefore, I was delighted when I heard he was getting a shot at a talk show for the summer, The Kilborn File. It only broadcast in a handful of markets (L.A., New York, Philly, Boston, Detroit, Phoenix, Austin), but as you can see from the above clip, it is most definitely Kilborn at is icy-coolest. Skip ahead to 6:50 for the best part, when Reggie plays an audience member in Kilbyashi, an oddly-fascinating quiz game. He also does Five Questions with his guest, and in this clip, we find out that Lisa Edelstein from House got her start in showbiz as a cheerleader for Donald Trump's USFL team. And as if you need more incentive, Christine Lakin (Al from Step By Step) is his co-host and "Huckleberry Friend." (She is now 31, which seems insane to me, and makes me feel old.)

Unfortunately though, it seems like the show might not make it past its initial run of about 30 episodes. Ratings have been really soft for it, as compared to similar shows from the previous year, which makes it doubtful he'll be in the pre- and post-afternoon drive slot if the show is renewed.

One thing that is indisputable - Kilborn is smooth with the women. Or at least, I'm assuming that they actually like him, since it seems like 80 percent of his guests are women. And they're alllll foxes - Besides Lakin and Edelstein, there was Jill Wagner (a.k.a. The Mercury Girl), Missy Peregrym, Sasha Alexander and many others. Wagner's interview in particular is great, as she admits to sleeping in a onesie and being afraid of people's elbows, and then she tries to sell Craig's desk in Five Questions. Good times, good times!


  1. He's got a sexy accent and he's funny. I'm pretty sure there is no way he is NOT good with the ladies.

    Also, holy hell Christine Lakin is 31?! Good lord.

  2. @ Megs - He has a sexy accent? haha, I never knew that. He's from Minnesota, and he goes back there frequently, I believe. He's also tall (6'5") and a former college basketball player, which probably doesn't hurt.

    And I know! 31 indeed. Al has grown up so much ;_;

  3. That might just be me, on the accent. I'm Southern, so Minnesota (even, you know, with the whole training not to have an accent at all)seems foreign.

  4. @ Megs - haha, My other Southern friend would be upset to hear you saying such sacrilegious things ;)


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