Monday, August 2, 2010

The Baggage Game: Monday, August 2

Ah, time for another installment of The Baggage Game! Tonight's contestant is Mark, a 40s-ish real estate guy from California who wants a younger girl. His potential daters? Nadia, a cute blonde bartender from Chicago who looks kind of like Jenny McCarthy, if you switched the thickness from up top to the backside; Oksana, a jewelry designer with a James Bond femme fatale accent; and Livia, by far the cutest of the three, a headhunter from California, who needs to buy a vowel (an O!) for her name. She looks sort of like Liv Tyler.

First Round

Nadia: I talk like a baby to get my way.
Oksana: I judge men by their car.
Livia: I am legally blind.

Mark seems to be most concerned about the car thing, which would also worry me the most. He says that it is a superficial thing to judge a person on. I'd be more worried about the fact that I drive a no-thrills Toyota Corolla. Nadia's example of her "baby talk" was more cute than anything else. Livia can still see with corrective lenses, meaning she isn't actually blind.

(Mark expressed distress that she doesn't like to drive at night, since sometimes he likes to have some drinks and she might need to drive home. Holy hell - When did chivalry get this bad? Howdareyou, Mark! When you go out with a lady or your girlfriend, I don't think it's outlandish to compose yourself enough that you don't get a stinkin' drunk on.)

Second Round

Oksana: I'm a big loner.
Nadia: I only date rich and powerful men. (Jerry remarks, "I'm still in the game!")
Livia: I'm $70,000 in debt.

Mark doesn't really express initial disgust with any of the three, but chooses to eliminate the $70,000 in debt one. Personally, I would have eliminated rich and powerful, because I will never be rich and powerful. And surprisingly, Livia is the one eliminated! She knocks him on the way out though, saying that she also likes young and vibrant people, and he's a bit too old for her.

As a note - Nadia and Livia are wayyyyy out of Mark's league. Nadia used to date a Major League Baseball player, and is thus used to rich and powerful men. Oksana reveals that she is from the Ukraine, meaning if I went out with her, I would constantly bring up the Seinfeld thing.

Final Elimination Round

Nadia: I want to get married now.
Oksana: I don't speak to my family.

I don't find either of these to be that big of a deal. Nadia notes that she is almost 30, and starting to feel the clock tick. Mark immediately shies away from this, which adds to my suspicion that he's a bit of a douche. He even expressed displeasure about Oksana's situation - Hey Mark, why the heck do you want in-laws? Mark has been favoring Nadia throughout the interview portions, so it's not surprising when he eliminates Oksana the Spy. Moving on to Mark's baggage, which is one of the three...

- I enjoy wearing women's lingerie.
- I've had an affair with the cleaning lady.
- I lost $1.9 million in the stock market.

The lingerie thing is definitely the freakiest, to me and Nadia, and the cleaning lady thing is the least concerning. Mark has seemed a bit like a rich douche throughout the game, so the money thing wouldn't surprise me. While having an affair with the cleaning lady isn't a great thing, it's not as weird and gross as the lingerie thing, and unless he's banking like $50 million a year, the stock market thing suggests worse judgment.

Mark reveals that his baggage is losing the $1.9 million in the market. He says he's a risk-taker, and that's how he made a lot of money. He said he's working his way up to get back in the game, and he will be back in the game quickly. Nadia, who definitely seems like a gold digger, said that she accepts his baggage - I imagine she thinks he'll get that fortune back pretty quickly.

As a reminder, Baggage is on Game Show Network every weekday, with the initial airing at 6:30 p.m. EST and a replay at 9:30 p.m. EST. The Liv Tyler picture is from here.


  1. I would have made it to round two before I started wishing I could hit a refresh button like in solitaire to get a whole new selection...

    And $70,000 in debt?! See ya.

  2. The baby talk thing would be annoying. He was worried about being judged by his car probably because he drives a pint or a gremlin. I bet it would come out later he isn't rich or powerful. Then Nadia will vanish.

  3. @ Hawk - heh, I can't say that I blame you. That's some pretty significant stuff that they all had going on, although I didn't care so much since I kind of expect some baggage like that with the women that are usually interested in me, and vice versa.

    @ Amanda - Yeah, it wouldn't surprise me if they went on one date and didn't hit it off. He struck me as more of a boring money guy, like the manager of a hedge fund or something, as opposed to a diamond thief.

  4. Okay, I'm way behind on your blog and The Game Show Network - are you saying this is a real show?

  5. @ Jen - This is absolutely a real show :) My friend just alerted me that you can watch complete episodes online, but I haven't linked them to my entries yet:

  6. That Mark guy seems like a real asshat who not only uses his women as arm tropheys but as designated drivers whenever he wants to get trashed. Now that he has lost his dosh he and the gold digger sound like a match made in heaven. Effin wackjobs... but I digress...

  7. another excellently condensed version of the show my friend I to woulda been the hell outta there after the second Rounds Baggage reveal. Hope that doesn't make me a bad person lol.

  8. I have seen the show. Some of the baggage is cool and some isn't that bad. Mark should of chose Jerry.

  9. Um, this guy seems like a creep. The whole driving thing bothered me immediately--totally agree with you about chivalry. Frankly, maybe the two of them deserve each other. Ick on so many levels.

  10. @ THE Frisky Virgin, Empress, PTM and Nippy - I agree with all y'all.

  11. I've seen Nadia somewhere before, and it is killing me! Maybe some other dating show? Anyone know?

  12. AHA! Figured it out. She was on "Beauty and the Geek," season 3. Nadia Underwood, billed as "The Sorority Girl."


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