Thursday, August 26, 2010

Selling and shipping things, with friends and without

First things first: My friend and frequent blog contributor Danielle is selling some of her photography on Esty. You can access her store thingy here. You might know her Tag Team columns with me on nannying or Glee or our shared mutual love of South Park. Anyway, if you can, please support her.

Secondly, I have a bunch of my own stuff up for sale on eBay and right now. You can check out my crappy auctions for comics on eBay here and here. My site, which is no doubt more interesting to all of you out there, is accessible here. Bask in my combination of cheesy wrestling books and books from my childhood that I no longer read!

And finally, at least two readers glancing at this are going to be happy, because they have a little something-something coming to them in the mail:

Oh, la and LA! If you also have a site you sell things on, let me know, and I'll edit it into this entry. You can find Alison's blog, wherein she talks about young adult literature and how badly she needs a tan (but mostly the literature thing), here.

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