Friday, October 23, 2009

Buy My Crap - Guitar Hero Van Halen

This is still one of the best usages of "Jump"

Hey, look at that - Something that isn't actually crap for sale by me! Try not to act surprised, but I'm putting my copy of Guitar Hero Van Halen up for sale because, honestly, I could use the money more than I'll play the game.

It was a tough decision though, because this is a shockingly well-made game. I don't mean shocking in the sense that a Guitar Hero game with Van Halen would be awesome; I think that's a no brainer. However, I enjoyed this game significantly more than Guitar Hero 5 and Rock Band The Beatles for a variety of reason, most of which I'll cover in a review for Blast that I'll link to later.

Anyway, the same offer I made for Spyborgs applies for this game. In the ultimate cheesiness move, if you want me to autograph the inside case, I totally will. Or, if you'd like to select from my library of crappy PS2, PSX, DC, SNES and NES games, I can whip up a list for you. Just send me an e-mail ( when you win the auction so I know that it's you.

Edit: Bumped up to today, from yesterday, because I forgot to put the freakin' link to the eBay auction in yesterday. Doh!

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