Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pickin' Pigskin: Week 4 Tally

Uh, so much for my stringing together some decent weeks... Nevermind on that. Judging from our picks at the beginning of the week, either Bob or I would gain a lot of ground on each other, and I came up on the short end of that stick. The results for Week 4:

Bob: 10-4 (38-24, first)
Kristin: 9-5 (38-24, first)
Steve: 6-8 (32-30, third)

Ugh. I'm now six games behind the Hansons, so they would really have to slip the rest of the season for me to get back into things. The odd thing is that I'm still doing pretty well in the family league I'm in, which just has us picking winners without a point spread. This whole points business is what screws me over. Sigh!

Also on the positive front, it was a great week for my fantasy team, and that was with David Gerrard's 43 and Rashard Mendenhall's 37 points on the bench. Despite that, my team still scored 133 points, winning by 9 points. The only bad thing was that if we had scored 136, we would have been the weekly leader and gotten a monetary bonus, I believe. Oh well!

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