Saturday, October 3, 2009

Storytime with Amanda Meyer: Profoundly pitching perfect proposals

[Left] This martini costs more than a year of college did for me.

There is no way to not embarrass myself in the setup of this story. All you need to know is that I enjoy wedding shows on Style Network and WEtv a lot more than I should, considering that I have no immediate plans to get married. I love the drama and the fashion and the elegance of weddings, so it’s no surprise that I absolutely love good proposal stories as well.

I have recently learned that The Oak Room at the Fairmont Copley Plaza here in Boston serves a martini that will cost some lucky lady’s future husband a whopping $12,500 for what I can only describe as the perfect proposal. But naturally for that kind of bank you’re getting more than a drink. This tasty cocktail comes complete with an overnight stay in one of their suites (which they deck out with roses, candles and of course champagne), breakfast in bed the next morning, and the most important part, a ring! This can be picked out at the upscale jeweler located in the hotel.

How perfect does that sound? Pretty perfect, right? At least to me. But it got me thinking - What could Google tell me about other creative proposals? I assume guys blog about this sort of thing since you very well know they aren’t getting these ideas on their own. Unfortunately, I was hard pressed to find anything that topped the martini proposal.

What I mean by this, is that a creative and unique proposal idea seems to be one of the following:

- Using a scoreboard at a sporting event
- Playing a practical joke with a happy ending
- Placing an ad in the local paper
- Having a local radio DJ pop the question for you
- A “Marry Me” screen saver on her computer

Can I just point out how terrible each of these ideas is? I really hope that people aren’t using these tips!

I have actually seen two rejected proposals at Celtics games before. It’s awkward and you’re put on the spot in front of thousands and thousands of strangers! Ick!

A practical joke? Really? I had a boyfriend do something along these lines on a much smaller scale of course and I didn’t talk to him for a week. Girls don’t like that stuff, or at least I don’t.

As for an ad in the paper, that seems sort of creepy to me. It’s not like I read through the classifieds regularly anyway.

The DJ idea is just ridiculous, and although my old roommate actually said she likes this idea, I am really against taking the easy way out of it. Own up and ask yourself! Come on guys!

This is also the same logic I am using to ditch the screen saver idea.

So the point of my long ramble today is this: When in doubt, don’t trust Google on this one, instead trust big fancy hotels with big shiny diamonds and lots of liquor and the girls who watch wedding shows when it comes to this sort of thing. I’m a little let down that I couldn’t find any better ideas out there (easily anyway, because I am assuming a guy would not look much more extensively than I have).

And on that note, I may just start frequenting Copley and scoping out rich looking young men at the bar!

The picture from this article and more information about the $12,500 martini can be found here.

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