Sunday, October 11, 2009

Complete opposite perfection

[Left] Another example of something that failed on every god damn level.

I'm almost at the point of earning a dubious distinction: All of my playoff picks from earlier this week are on the verge of elimination, excluding the Phillies vs. Rockies series, which is still tied at 1-1 as I type this. You know, it is just as hard to go 0-4 in the playoffs as it is to go 4-0, so really, I'm hoping to not pick a single series at this point. It would be a great, great honor, one that I can wear proudly for all future game-picking posts.

Analyzing my picks a bit here, the most shocking to me as a Red Sox fan was the meltdown of Papelbon and the clutchiness of Alex Rodriguez. I think both were the result of that demon Sample Size rearing its ugly head. Papelbon hadn't ever let up an earned run in the playoffs, so he was due at the absolute worst time, and conversely A-Rod finally got a hit in an important situation.

Watching the Cardinals and Dodgers play was just depressing though. Seriously, I'm supposed to take the National League seriously? Former Mariners wash-out Ryan Franklin is now the closer for the Cardinals, who also have Red Sox castoffs Joel Piniero and John Smoltz in the rotation, with Julio Lugo as their starting second baseman. Meanwhile, in a clutch situation and with the game on the line, the Dodgers have available as a pinch hitter... Mark Loretta. This game would have been great if we took a time machine back to 2002, but it's shocking to me that they're all still playing - and playing on playoff teams! - in 2009.

And don't even get me started on Miguel Cairo batting the other night either, or the no-call on Joe Mauer's ground rule double.


  1. If you're hoping not to pick another series correctly, please pick the Yanks to win the ALCS...

  2. Ugh, Yankees vs. Angels. I'm not even sure who I should like more. On one hand, the Yankees are always hated in my mind. On the other, the Angels just eliminated the Red Sox, and in a sweep, no less. Still, I skew toward supporting the Angels, because they are dedicating a season for a deceased player. Also, the Yankees losing would make them freak out again, which is always good to see.


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