Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pickin' Pigskin: Week 5 Tally

It was a ho-hum week for picking games, as you'll note from the leaderboard:

Kristin: 8-6 (46-30, 1st)
Bob: 7-7 (45-31, 2nd)
Steve: 7-7 (39-37, 3rd)

I at least kept pace with Bob, but he fell out of a tie with his wife Kristin, who managed to pick one game better than us boys. I'm hoping that they'll both fall apart as the season goes on, since I'm seven games out of first place right now. My prognosticating skills have just fallen apart this year.

This is a bit like a bizarro year in general, between the MLB playoffs and the success of my fantasy team. We won again this week, again in dramatic fashion via the Monday Night Football game. We trailed by one point, 87-86, with a minute left, when Ronnie Brown plunged through the goal line for a bit of a vulture TD for us. This put us ahead 92-87, and I could breathe easy for the remaining 10 seconds of the game. My fantasy team is now 4-1, good for third place in the league. Yes, it's early, but if we win two more games the rest of the way, that would tie our high water mark the past three years. So, we're not exactly used to success...

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