Sunday, October 18, 2009

Storytime with Amanda Meyer: The best crushes ever ever

Every weekend, my friend Amanda Meyer writes an entry. This week's concerns her celebrity crushes.

The more I talk to people, the more I realize that I have entirely too many celebrity crushes. It needs to stop, though I do not imagine that it will. What follows is a list of my Top Five actual celeb crushes and Top Five fictional celeb crushes.

Actual People That Should Fall in Love With Me:

1)Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo has topped this list since I first saw Titanic in theaters at the age of nine. He has been faithful ever since, only getting better looking as he ages and continuing to pick characters I can’t help but fall in love with. Furthermore, he’s got class; this guy cleans up real well, is very active with charity work, and he’s a good actor, not just a pretty face.

2)Milan Lučić. If I ever needed a guy to fight for me, he would be it. This guy kicks ass. He is also Canadian and plays hockey. What’s not to love? His ONE drawback is that he’s six months younger than me. And he gets a lot of broken noses, which takes away from looks. Slightly.

3)Bobby Flay. Bobby and I would get along great, and I would always have a great meal to come home to. The only downside here is that he is my parents’ age. Eww.

4)Matt Damon. A local boy, he and I have the streets of Dorchester in common. What girl can’t resist a Boston accent? Besides, he’s dreamy. And look, he loves the Sox. ‘Nuff said.

5)John Cena. Don’t even ask. I don’t watch wrestling, his acting career is miserable. But he’s HOT. And he can fight.

Fictional Characters Who Would Love Me if They Were Real:

1)Jack Dawson from Titanic. If you haven’t seen this movie you need to. There really is no reason why I should even need to explain this. In three days he waltzes in, turns Rose’s world upside down and gets her to fall head over heels in love with him. She wasn’t the only one who fell.

2)Jim Halpert from The Office. Jim has a goofy smile, makes amazing facial expressions, gave the PERFECT wedding toast this season, and is all-around adorable. What a great guy. Also the actor is from Brighton, my current digs. I like it.

3)James “Sawyer” Ford from Lost. If I ever get stuck on an island, I hope Sawyer is there to save me. He’s sarcastic, a huge wise-ass and obsessed with condescending nicknames, but after a few episodes, it’s just endearing. He also kicks ass, takes names and has a heart. He might not ever say it back, but Sawyer, I love you.

4)Billy Costigan from The Departed. Boys from Boston. What can I say? Us local girls love our boys. The accents, the badass persona, the Irish Mobster boss... We love it all. Sure. Billy had issues, but at the end of the day, all he wanted was to make it out of the Southie projects and be respectable. How can you not fall for that?

5)Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl. Chuck is arrogant. He only loves himself. He owns more Dior than I do (and that’s saying something). He’s 18 (creepy). He’s a pompous mutli-billionaire Upper East Sider. But GOD is he gorgeous. His one-liners are almost as good as Sawyers, and sometimes he has a heart. He makes me want to leave Boston for NYC, and that is saying something.

The picture of Crush soda is from here.


  1. I have to definitely agree with you on the leonardo dicaprio part. he is definitely aging well! I too have crushed on him since Titanic. Really, what girl hasn't??

    and chuck bass! hahaha that's great. I love him too. Ascots, suspenders, purple pants and all! His one-liners are great.

  2. I might have a wee bit of a mancrush on Leo as well. He was awesome in The Departed.

  3. Until you watch Titanic you can't even talk Steve.

    Also- Danielle did you see GG this week?? Looks like Mr. Bass may be single again.

  4. OF COURSE I SAW IT!! haha
    I refuse to believe they'll break up. I couldn't handle it. they're CHUCK AND BLAIR. They can make it through this. They have to!!
    not that i'm like that invested in the show or anything...

  5. Amanda, as I've told you, I've seen enough of "Titanic" to have a rough estimate of what goes on. I am a bit annoyed that Leo got to see Kate Winslet naked though, since she is dreamy.

    Is this the week on Gossip Girl where he had his gay kiss?


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