Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pickin' Pigskin with Kristin: Week 6

Every week, as an accessory to the picks Bob and I do, his wife Kristin also picks games. So far this year, she has been in first place overall more weeks than Bob and I, so she's doing quite well. Our picks will be up at 7 p.m. tonight.

WASHINGTON over Kansas City (6.5)

Kristin: Washington -6.5

Well, let's not stop now. I might as well keep picking the 'Skins all season — Especially when they are favored at home. (Really, who thinks that's smart?)

CINCINATTI over Houston (5)

Kristin: Cincinnati -5

Last week, I learned painfully that Houston is only good at home and really isn't that good — at all.

PITTSBURGH over Cleveland (14)

Kristin: Pittsburgh -14

With all the major blowouts last week, I feel more confident making a pick with this large a spread. Hopefully, that doesn't bite me in the butt.

MINNESOTA over Baltimore (3)

Kristin: Minnesota -3

Stupid whiny Baltimore, this is what you get.

JACKSONVILLE over St. Louis (9.5)

Kristin: St. Louis +9.5

Really, a pathetic performance last week and still favored by 9.5? That seems bogus.

NEW ORLEANS over New York Giants (3)

Kristin: New Orleans -3

Go Saints! Woohoo!

Carolina over TAMPA BAY (3.5)

Kristin: Carolina -3.5

The Battle of the Terribles, who really cares about this one?

GREEN BAY over Detroit (13.5)

Kristin: Detroit +13.5

Hopefully, the score is close enough for this pick to fly.

Philly over OAKLAND (14)

Kristin: Philadelphia -14

Philly is back and Oakland is not.

SEATTLE over Arizona (3)

Kristin: Arizona +3

Seattle is annoying, and it's also annoying that both of these teams are decent — I don't like them.

NEW YORK JETS over Buffalo (9.5)

Kristin: Jets -9.5

I hate you Jets!

NEW ENGLAND over Tennessee (9.5)

Kristin: New England -9.5

We finally looked good at the beginning of the game last week. At first, no dropped passes. But we got tired and couldn't play out the full game. Our defense is strong, but they got tired and we lost heart. Now, this game will allow us to play a good full game — now that we are readjusted to Tom — and show we are ready to win out the rest of the season. We need this game to get a taste of domination and perfection and to believe again.

ATLANTA over Chicago (3)

Kristin: Atlanta -3

Only because they are at home where they can outpace the slower, colder Chi-town team.

SAN DIEGO over Denver (4)

Kristin: San Diego -4

Let's remind Denver they aren't all that cool, we lost that game — They didn't win.

The other Kristin Hanson is from this site. The Ben Folds picture is from this one. Tom Brady with Homer Simpson is from The Boston Herald.

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