Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pickin' Pigskin with Kristin: Week 4

[Left] These picks are not made by this Kristin Hanson, who sells jewelry. No - Our Kristin Hanson is the wife of my fellow football game picker Bob, and she does her own picks. So far this year, she is kicking our ass. Her picks this week are as follows:

HOUSTON over Oakland (9.5)

Kristin: Houston

Okay, so while I was sitting in the bar watching all the games last week, I was cursing myself for trash-talking Houston. They played a good hard game and lost on a total fluke fourth quarter play. Another thing I learned was that they have one of the top home records in the last few years. So, as an apology for calling them out last week and in acknowledgment of the fact they should have made me look silly and won that game, I am picking them this week. They better not make me regret it.

Tennessee over JACKSONVILLE (3)

Kristin: Jacksonville

While we were living in the dorms at URI, we would go to dinner at Rojo's dinning hall most nights because even though the food wasn't as good, and there wasn't a waffle bar, it was closer. Anyway, manicotti was on the weekly rotation and it always looked so warm and comforting and tasty. So, almost weekly I would think, “Oh, I will give this tasty looking pasta dish one more chance.” And, every week it would end up sitting in a sad, uneaten lump on my plate because every week I would remember upon the first bite that the manicotti was a bland mushy catastrophe.

Enter Tennessee. They have been my husband's manicotti this season. He continues to think picking them is a good idea only to be reminded that they might look good on the outside but they are a catastrophe on the inside.

NEW ENGLAND over Baltimore (2)

Kristin: New England

“Crap!” was my initial thought at seeing that the Pats are favored over Baltimore. What are people seeing that I am not seeing? I am terrified that we will lose this game. Terrified. Baltimore is a hard, fast, unbeaten team. Now maybe they haven't had a real challenge yet this season, but I don't want my team to be that challenge. Thankfully, I have already stocked up on antacids for the season. Oh, and go Pats!

Cincinnati over CLEVELAND (5.5)

Kristin: Cincinnati

People were gushing over Cincy after their win last week. Now, I am not ready to gush whatsoever. But, Brown is just an ugly color.

NY Giants over KANSAS CITY (8.5)

Kristin: NY Giants

While I do think the Giants will win this game, I would like to take this time to admonish some of the ASSHOLE Giants fans we encountered last week. Now, when your team is completely owning the opponent, go ahead a scream and cheer for a great play. However, you don't need to drunkenly scream BIG BLUE every time your team comes on screen. Further, you're not watching the game in New York so have some basic decency and don't make the fans for the team getting shutout feel worse then they already do. Now, being a jerkface during your own game is one thing, but these fans were mocking the hometown Redskins fans that were in the process of losing pathetically to a historically-terrible Detroit organization.

That's just wrong. It's like kicking a baby animal or an old man and laughing about it. This is a lesson in if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. So, all you Giants fans should go mute.

CHICAGO over Detroit (10)

Kristin: Detroit

Now, I don't think that Detroit has made a complete U-turn and are now driving safely away from humiliation and pity; I'm not totally foolish. However, I will be interested to see them come within 10.

WASHINGTON over Tampa Bay (7)

Kristin: Washington

Now, I promised myself last week I would stop picking the 'Skins because they are NOT the team I grew up watching. I just can't bring myself to follow through. I don't understand how they are favored by seven since they have trouble scoring anything, but after watching Tampa Bay get embarrassed last week I can't give up on Washington just yet.

INDY over Seattle (9)

Kristin: Seattle

Indy isn't a good as they have been in past years. All right, I said it, now I hope they don't go prove me wrong.

NEW ORLEANS over Jets (7)

Kristin: New Orleans

OOOOOOOOOH OOOOOOOOOH how I want to see the Jets lose. I hope/believe/hope that New Orleans are the team to put them over a barrel and teach them a lesson.

Buffalo over MIAMI (2)

Kristin: Miami

Miami is at home with a lot to prove now that stupid-face [editor's note: Chad Pennington] got himself re-injured. I am willing to give his replacement the benefit of the doubt.

SAN FRAN over St. Louis (9.5)

Kristin: San Fran

I hope they come out and make everyone forget about Favre.

Dallas over DENVER (3)

Kristin: Denver

I'm surprised that Dallas is favored in this game – I am so unimpressed with them.

PITTSBURGH over San Diego (6.5)

Kristin: Pittsburgh

Only because they are at home, not because I think they are a scary team this season.

MINNESOTA over Green Bay (3.5)

Kristin: Green Bay

I've heard that Green Bay fans will be taking over Vikings stadium to unleash their betrayal, anger and resentment. Also, I think Favre used up quite a bit of luck last week, and I don't think that at his age he can pull off the crazy, nail-biting finish two weeks in a row. Or, let's hope not. I don't think I can take it.

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