Thursday, July 1, 2010

At The Commercials: The oddly compelling Esurance woman that is not Erin.

I don't know what it is about this girl, Mica, on the new Esurance commercials. She's not really conventionally attractive, but something about her appeals to me. Heck, she doesn't even have the usually artsy-nerd glasses I like; those are full-out nerd glasses. I think it is that dry, "ohmygod you're sostupid" quality to her voice that appeals to me. Well-done, Esurance, even if nobody on YouTube likes the commercial.

Side note: When did Erin Esurance get so foxy? Apparently, her presence is going to be scaled back in commercials. Also, she apparently spent all of her commercial money on cybernetic breast implants.

Anyway. I'm sure I'll be sick of this commercial in two months, after it has been hammered into my head, since Esurance spends about $7 billion each month on commercials. At least Mica's co-worker, The Saver, seems like a pretty swell dude. I'm hoping he can provide some legitimate funnies next time.

(Speaking of other commercials with hot girls - Both of the new State Farm commercials have attractive girls. There is the obvious one, with the three girls all wishing for a hot guy. But even in the other one with the stoner guys, the girl from the other apartment? Totally wafflecrapper, as Dr. Drew would say.)


  1. I think they tried to get that chick to resemble Ugly Betty, perhaps?

  2. Ally, good call. She does look a bit like an Asian Ugly Betty. I'm not so much into Americo though, so, good work by Esurance.

  3. I think that chick is cute.

    And I'm sort of glad that they're getting rid of "Erin Esurance." Wasn't really fan. I wonder how long the Geico Gecko has...?

  4. Ally, she *does*.

    I like Mica better than Progressive Flo, too.

  5. I'm divided on the commercial. I don't care for her attack on 'the saver.' lol

    She sure beats the heck out of Flo from progressive though. But then that's not hard to do.

  6. Amber, she's all mine, so back off. Your drawings won't win her heart!!! how dare you. Erin was kind of "meh" to me, except for that one commercial she did with Space Ghost.

    Sadako and TS Hendrik, I'm mixed on Flo. Out of character, she is pretty easy on the eyes, but that lipstick and hairdo make her barf-a-licious to me. She's normally pretty annoying in the commercials as well.

  7. Mica is at the tail end of a funny clip called "Porn Tech Support" at a site called CollegeHumor.

  8. @ Anon - Aw, good for her! I'm glad she's getting regular work. I think I've gone solidly into the "date" column on her, since as she's funny in other contexts.

  9. ive been told i resemble this Erin gal. does anyone know where i can find this video again? or is legitimately gone forever off of the internet?


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