Monday, July 5, 2010

Delayed post - Getting into Baggage later

Hi folks! I actually did some stuff today, therefore, I will be a little late with my planned post on Baggage, the hilarious new game show hosted by Jerry Springer. (Ah, do his gifts to society ever stop giving? I say FEH!) If you're looking for something amusing to keep you occupied for a bit, check out Bo Burnham on YouTube, because he's funny. Click here to find out what he wants, like how JFK wanted a car with a roof.

The picture of Bert on Springer is from this site, which is quite pessimistic about the chances of the show before it ever hit the air. How dare they!


  1. LOL, that picture is everything that's right about society.

  2. TS, I always hate when Muppets are messing with my game too.


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