Thursday, July 15, 2010

Holy hell, MTV makes decent shows again?

"You're talking about a cattle
prod in your ass, Warren? Really?"

I'm sure you remember when MTV as awesome - Heck, the whole reason the Internet exists is for people to complain about how much better MTV was when they were a kid. Even now, there are microscopic cells in your sexual organs that will someday turn into your future children, and these cells already have one basic encoding: To someday, somehow dislike MTV when they mature fully.

But hey, just realize that there is finally some decent shows on the network again. I'm specifically talking about the comedies Warren The Ape and The Hard Times of RJ Berger. I mean, they're no Rock N Jock basketball with Chris Mullin, Bill Bellamy and Dan Cortese, but they're both swell shows and give me hope that the future generation will grow up with some taste.

Each episode of Warren The Ape opens up with Warren going through a therapy session with Dr. Drew, who's playing it straight. You know, even though Warren is an ape sockpuppet. However, don't let the helmet fool you - He has a dignified British accent and sophisticated tastes. (And also, hey, doesn't Judy Greer [right] clean up real nice from playing Kitty on Arrested Development?)

Well, you know, between the drugs and cheap whores. See, Warren is in rehab because his acting career is in rough shape. As a result, he finds himself in tricky situations, like trying to frame another puppet for a sex scandal so he can get a television commercial instead, or getting Greg the Bunny into trouble. It's all wonderful, subversive stuff. You can check out clips here and here.

The other show, The Hard Times of R.J. Berger, is more typical of modern MTV... but it's still funny. The trailers and commercials for the show make it seem like it'll be a slapstick show about a nerd with a huge dong. Which, to be fair, it is. However, because he is a nerd, there are some tender and sweet moments.

I will note that every woman on the show, except for R.J.'s incredibly annoying stalker, is impossibly attractive though. The ladies to the left are his girlfriend Claire [top] and his fantasy crush [bottom]. First, Noureen DeWulf (Claire) is actually 26 and a shockingly hot and busty model, considering that she is playing the nerdy Indian girl who likes comics on the show. Second, Amber Lancaster is THIRTY, and you cannot tell it in the slightest. She's playing 16 on the show, yikes!

Even RJ's mom, Beth Littleford, is very easy on the eyes, and she turns 42 on Saturday. (Happy early birthday, Beth! Uh, I still like Craig Kilborn more, even if he is a sexually-harassing jerk, but you fly too. You keep eatin' that Laughing Cow cheese, it doing you good.)

Anyway. Despite all of the foxes roaming free on the show, as "Funny" Dave Dameshek would say, its heart is in the right place. Give it a shot. The Hard Times of RJ Berger and Warren The Ape are both on Monday nights.


  1. R.J. Berger is pretty good I'll admit but haven't seen the other show... It must be hard for you to have to do all this research involving hot chicks, huh Steve? ... Picture of hot blonde with huge rack up on my blog today!

  2. Oh, and by the way, you can call me 'Empress'. Box sounds so below the belt and crotchy ;)

  3. haha, Yes Empress ;)

    You know, it's not easy to do all this research on hot chicks. You think I *like* looking at the luscious curves of well-toned ladies? Of course not - I'm a professional. I get no joy out of it, I just have... a deeply rooted professional interest.

    And, I'll get to your blog eventually, but let me cast the first stone now - Pamela Anderson is vastly overrated. I don't think she's any guy's first choice. Rather, she is what women think guys want.

  4. R. J. guilty pleasure.
    Congratulations, Steve. You're the first person to know that I watch the show. Regularly. A little part of me is ashamed 'cause it's a tough life for a girl whose taste in movies run along the lines of 16-year-old-boy.

  5. I have no real feelings about Pamela Anderson, good or bad. Very cool of you to admit that she isn't actually a guy's first choice but rather the kind of chick a guy has 'fun' with. Wise woman get this point but it is always helpful to let the less experienced hear this fact from a dude.

  6. I still haven't tried R.J. Berger yet, but I will now. Warren though was a must for me as I loved Greg the Bunny.

    Actually MTV has a couple of my guilty pleasure shows. I loved Rob and Big and enjoy Fantasy factory. And Silent Library is so stupid it's fun.

  7. Alison, I would just consider it research, since you're probing the psyche of the teenage girl with your readings :) Obviously, you need to know the point of view of the opposite as well!

    haha, Empress, I'm saying that Pam Anderson would be most guy's like... 500th choice. Is she more attractive than your next door neighbor? Probably. But she's so over the top that it cuts into her appeal.

    TS, Berger is worth checking out. I'll admit that those other shows are like junk food to me. My old college roommate loved all of those shows, so every once in a while, I'll stop on them when I'm channel flipping.

  8. I used to LOVE Warren Demontague on Greg the Bunny. Wish they'd done more episodes of that show. Loved seeing Sarah Silverman in that one as well. Haven't seen much of Warren's show on MTV but I'm going to have to check it out soon.

  9. Also, now I have the Greg the Bunny theme song in my head. We can sing and dance and we don't need pants...! Dammit! :D

  10. haha, Yes, I win! Serves you right for all the strife you cause me. Every time you write an entry, I'm spending the next 30 minutes reading crap on Wikipedia about Goodfellas, or what Roger Ebert thought of Hook, or something else silly.

    I never caught much of Greg The Bunny, unfortunately, although I liked the title character. I should look for it, since I have a feeling I'd probably appreciate it more now.


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