Sunday, July 25, 2010

Notes on Baggage - Because I don't write about it enough.

Thanks to Kristi's comment on this post, I've noted that more people than just myself are obsessed with Baggage. Poking around the web a bit...

- Here is a really great, exhaustive article on the show. They've even tabulated some stats on it, such as how likely men and women are to accept the other person's baggage. I highly recommend it! The picture for this entry comes from the site.

- Baggage now has a Facebook fan group. Nice! You can access it here. According to the group, they are currently doing casting calls in Vegas for the second season, which will start airing Aug. 16. Sweet! (I hope I still have GSN by then...) Side note: The casting director for the show is a stone cold fox.

Anyway, the next post for The Baggage Game will be tomorrow at 11 a.m. I'm going to stick with the current schedule, which has me doing three posts about it a week, until I either 1) run out of episodes or 2) lose Game Show Network. After that, I do have another game show to fill the void, thankfully, so no worries.

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