Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Baggage Game: Wednesday, July 21

Welcome to day two of The Baggage Game! Please, please... Hold your applause. No, no, no - Thank you. You don't need to go on.

.... No really, thank you.

Anyway, today's contestant is Johnathan, a bar manager from New Rochelle, New York. And actually, he is the sleazy guy I noted in my first entry about Baggage! The three contestants are LaChelle, Soraya and Melissa.

First Round

LaChelle: I pee in the shower to conserve water.
Soraya: I only stay in four-star hotels.
Melissa: I sleep with a mouthguard.

The four-star hotel thing is DEFINITELY the worst to me. The pee thing? Well, I think a lot of people do that in the shower... Uh, at least, I hope more than just me and her do it... And the mouthguard thing, while I'm sure it's an inconvenience, I bet she has worked out a system of some sort. Next round.

Second Round

LaChelle: I still take vacations with my ex-boyfriend.
Soraya: My man must wait on me hand and foot.
Melissa: I dated a fugitive.

As I've lamented in the past, Jonathan picked the fugitive one (Melissa) to eliminate, which is the least worrisome of the three to me. The second one would be my biggest cause for dismissal, whereas I would chalk the vacation thing up to it being an old relationship or them remaining good friends.

Final Elimination Round

LaChelle: I've never had sex... and probably never will.
Soraya: I poured bleach all over my ex's clothes.

Both of these are very concerning to me, for completely different reasons, of course. I would probably chose as Jonathan does though, and eliminated Soraya - I'm cocky and I figure that I'm a decent enough guy that the sex would eventually happen. And if I'm going to break up with someone, I'd prefer to do it because of a lack of sex, as opposed to getting bleach dumped on all of my clothes. His baggage is one of the three:

- I slept with my boss to get a promotion.
- I've earned zero dollars the past three years.
- I've been in seven adult films.

LaChelle has the biggest problem with the seven adult films. My biggest problem would have been with the zero dollars thing. He trumps us both by revealing it to be the boss thingy, which I would consider sleazy, but not too much baggage depending on what else has been put on the table. She dumps him though, which I'm okay with, since he looks gross and sleazy. The end!


  1. I think I would pass on all of them... bunch of wackadoodles and weirdos!!

  2. Empress, they all can't be as prim and proper as you ;) But I think LaChelle and Michelle came off as reasonable human beings.

  3. Prim and proper you think? Too funny!!

  4. Well, you did request to be called Empress from now on :) That has to count for something.

  5. who was the contestant with all the star wars stuff from standish michigan


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