Saturday, July 10, 2010

Uh, whoops! Cartooninating.

Note: Click for full-size.

I know that my long-awaited return to drawing was supposed to happen today, but unfortunately, I lacked some foresight on this - I have no pencils! Therefore, because I don't want to compromise my high, high concept art, the strip will be delayed until next week. Try to still your rapidly beating hearts.

I will give a few hints though, and say that the dinosaur from last week's entry - the Largeasaurus - will feature prominently into the strip. Like Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes, I believe there is always room for a dinosaur in everything. Even if some of them, like points out, had big manes of feathers. (Note: Be careful with that site. Like Wikipedia, I can go on sickening reading binges on Cracked. You've been warned.)

To hold you over until I get my act together, have y'all been reading Pearls Before Swine? It's probably my favorite actual comic, narrowly edging Get Fuzzy, although I have to read it online since my local paper doesn't carry it. I normally peek at this LiveJournal community, which posts the comics almost every day.

Also, because I don't waste my time on the Internet enough, I still check out Homestar Runner from time to time. Sure, most of my friends stopped visiting after the few months it was popular for us in college. But I'm still a fan. One of the better skits was Strong Bad's take on techno music, which you can watch on YouTube here. If that piques your interest, the site itself is accessed by its snazzy name here.


  1. I had never seen pearls before swine before. I think I'm in love. lol

  2. My word. I thought Arkansas was pretty behind on anything pop culture related, but even WE have Pearls Before Swine in the local newspaper. It makes me sad for you that you don't.

    Of course, its also pretty much the only thing worth reading in our local paper, so there's that.

  3. TS, it's definitely worth checking out. The treasuries are among the best cartoon books you can get - They come with comments from Pastis. They're definitely worth purchasing.

    Megs, yeah, Rhode Island can be behind the times when it comes to comics :/ The Providence Journal is the big weekly paper, but it still carries ancient, not-funny comics, and it runs Dilbert in the business section for some reason.


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