Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hibble bibble, Michael Steele!

I'm with Dennis Leary on this - The muppet The Daily Show has of Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele is one of the funniest bits they do. If you're otherwise unawares, you can check out it out on Comedy Central's website right here. The muppet pops up about three minutes in, if you want to skip ahead.

The best part is when Wyatt Cenac, who voices the muppet and writes for the show and serves as a correspondent, starts spitting out other non-agenda stuff as Muppet Steele. "Oh, look at that, someone must have smelled my Boca burgers. Keep an eye on the grill, Mr. Bill!" "Hey, I'm just keepin' it real, Tatum O'Neal." "You want cheese on your Boca burger?"

His previous appearance on the show was also hilarious. You can see that here.


  1. I disagree. The best part was when he said "it ain't easy when you're running a Ponzi scheme of stupid!"

    Oh, and the John Oliver interview with the racist guy was amazing. "Let me get this absolutely clear. Black people are complaining that white people have committed crimes against humanity in South Africa." "Yes! It's just unfathomable."

  2. See, it took me a couple viewings to catch the "Ponzi scheme" joke. That was good, but I thought the simplicity of the rest of the interview was better.

    Oliver has been on a roll with the South Africa stuff. I'm surprised he didn't get beat up when he was telling soccer fans to go eff themselves the week before, when he was getting in touch with his hooligan roots.

    And also, I didn't forget about our Tag Team. I'll try to e-mail you soon about it.


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