Wednesday, July 28, 2010

At The Commercials: ohmygod Apple please stop with the iPhone.

These commercials for the iPhone 4 make me feel really uncomfortable, especially the one above. First off, the girl looks REALLY young. Like, in the 14 to 17 range, with that silly haircut of her's. That tone of voice probably doesn't help, and her boyfriend sounds like a skeeve. "You look really, REALLY cute. Now call me daddy..."

Second, the commercials are eerie because there is no background sound, and for the most part, very little sound. It is odd and unnerving - like we're eavesdropping on a private conversation. The worst, eeriest voyeur feeling definitely comes from the "I'm pregnant!" commercial they. Why am I a fly on the wall for their most private moment???

Sigh. According to Apple's website, which doesn't work for me in terms of actually playing the commercials, there are five in all. The only one that is mildly cute to me is about the girl getting braces. She comes off as cute in it, but like haircut, her "dad" seems creepy and maladjusted:


  1. The "I'm pregnant" one is painful to watch. It's as though this isn't some topic they haven't been fighting and crying over for months on end, and where the hell is this guy that she can't tell him in person? Afghanistan? In that case, who knocked her up? Also, she is a terrible, terrible actress.

  2. The dad for the braces looks a bit like the boyfriend of the haircut.

  3. @ Amanda - All three of the dudes look kind of similar. Her dad looks WAY too young to be her dad though, like, early 30s and her in her teens.

    @ Carly - Totally agree. I can't imagine a circumstance in which you wouldn't want to tell the dude in person. Maybe they're dealing with a difficult relationship... But in that case, he wouldn't be ecstatic... And also, he isn't in fatigues or anything, so I don't think it's a military situation.

  4. I agree with the first noter. At first, I got chilly bumps when the mom said she was pregnant. And then it quickly turned into the urge to vomit.

    Apple can suck it, I'm pretty over them.

  5. @ Jen - haha, Eloquently said :) I agree. I like iTunes, and I wish my iPod that I bought for $50 on eBay lasted longer than three months. However, the iPhone is all hype, as is most of the stuff they make.

  6. Steve, You are so right about the guy looking similar in all three ads. I find the commercials creepy, voyeuristic and rather uninteresting. People get so hung up on having all the latest gadgets that sometimes I don't think they really care about the actual advertising message. Seriously, think about some of that shit that gets sold on those home shopping networks or late night infomercials. Make people think they 'must have' something and most will succumb!

  7. I've seen the first two before, but never saw the braces one. I like it.

    The haircut one though, IS weird. At first it sounds like the boyfriend is going to make fun of her or something. If he did, I'd probably buy an iPhone.

  8. @ Empress - I agree with you! Yeah, it's all selling the iPhone on hype and image. Most of the features of the iPhone I can do on my envy3, which only cost like $50.

    @ Cashier - That would be a better end to that commercial and make it less creepy. That's just the sort of thing that couples razz each other about all the time.


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