Monday, July 12, 2010

Getting hooked on The Wire (and McNulty and Freamon and Greggs)

Friends have been getting on me for months for not watching The Wire. I finally took the plunge last night, and immediately devoured six episodes. It is filling the hole in my viewing (and heart) LOST finally being over and done with.

Sure, it's only about eight years late. But still, it's a fascinating show because all of the various angles covered by it. Although the first season focuses mostly on the police and the police politics, there are also great scenes with the drug dealers and two addicts. The whole show is clad in layers of murky, morally ambiguous gray.

I'm trying to race through episodes as fast as I can, between work and other obligations - I'll be done with the first season in a couple days, hopefully. And at this rate, I can probably finish the show in about two weeks.


  1. My friends have been wanting me to watch this show too. And many others. I say stop sleeping for a few days and you can finish the first season faster.

  2. haha, That's a good plan, Amanda! I'm almost done with the first season, and it'll take me a couple days to get the second season, so that will slow me down.

    But yeah, don't resist their urgings, haha. The Wire is legitimately great, kind of like a modern, non-Italian gangster show. I can't even think of something to really compare it to.

  3. there are so many shows that I haven't watched that I just don't have the patience to sit down and watch. I'm content with reruns.

  4. This was one of the few shows that made a point to remember when it was actually on. I never do that.

  5. PTM: Yeah, I can get overwhelmed by that at times too. Also, nothing is worse when a friend recommends a show and I just can't get into it. That also makes me reluctant to take other recommendations from them.

    Megs: I can totally see why. I'm addicted! I'm already halfway through season two. ahhhhhh.


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