Monday, July 19, 2010

The Baggage Game: Monday, July 19

I've decided to start ripping off borrowing the drama of Baggage for my blog. If you're unfamiliar with the game, you can read my description of it here. How am I going to adopt it for the blog? Simple - I'll share the baggage of each round, and then comment on all of them. And, feel free to add your own remarks in the comments! To not completely bogart Game Show Network on the show, I'll add that these are delayed by three days.

Today's game features three men vying for a statuesque redhead waitress, Emily. (That isn't her to the right, it's apparently a hot photographer, but still, same sort of ballpark.)

First Round

Brian: I refuse to fly.
Ray: I only spend $10 on a date.
Chris: My dog is my number one priority.

Of these, the $10 on a date thing would be the most worrisome to me. Seriously, $10 buys you almost nothing, and plenty of restaurants have good meal deals now for couples. (i.e. Two dinners, an appetizer and a bottle of wine for $25 to $40.) Refusing to fly is troublesome, but a reasonable fear, plus it would allow for some neat cross-country road trips. And having a love for pets? Ain't no thang!

Second Round

Chris: I don't let my girlfriends meet my parents.
Brian: I left a six-figure job to start a band.
Ray: I talk to my mom at least five times a day.

The third one is definitely the deal breaker to me, and Emily agrees with me. Woohoo! Sorry, but I'd rather have someone absent from their family (option 1) as opposed to way too into them (option 3). The band thing is concerning, but it would matter a lot to me whether the band was any good. And the mom guy is ALSO the $10 date guy, so he's really screwing the pooch.

Final Elimination Round

Brian: I dated a porn star.
Chris: My ex's eyes are tattooed on my back.

The eyes thing is definitely worse to me, since it's permanent. Chris (tat guy) even takes off his shirt, and it's worse than it seems, since the tat is HUGE, with a big dagger between the eyes! Holy smokes. She sends Chris home. This leaves us with Emily's reveal, which is one of the following three things:

- I was in a lesbian relationship for three years.
- I've served hard time.
- My heart still belongs to my ex.

She reveals that her baggage is... my heart still belongs to my ex. Brian said this would be the biggest sticking point, and it would be for me as well. But, he accepts her baggage. Personally, I wouldn't - That's a pretty big thing to be dealing with, and I prefer to start with a clean slate.

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  1. Way too much baggage. Who would want to go out with someone still hung up on their ex? I think you'd have to have a massive ego, cause the only logic I see is thinking you're that great to make them forget.

    Great idea for a post. Commentary on a game show... brilliant.

  2. If someone is still hung up on their ex then they clearly have emotional issues that will prevent them from moving on to a new and healthy relationship. There is baggage and then there is a whole fricking luggage cart. NEXT!!

  3. TS, I think with some background about their relationship history, it might be worth pursuing. For example, if it was their first boyfriend or girlfriend, then I think it would be easier to work your way into their heart. If the person is older, in their late 20s or early 30s, then I think they'd be more certain about it.

    Empress, haha, I can definitely see that.

  4. $10.00 on a date? Where the heck is this date? McDonald's? That's not even two value meals. lol. No no no.

    And nothing wrong with dating a porn star, more moves in the bedroom :) Amen!

  5. Annah, yeah - $10 for a date is way too cheap, assuming you are getting food. Like even Applebee's is $20, just go there if you're desperate for a decent plate of food.

    And you seem quite defensive about this porn star thing. Do you have something to confess about your pirate ninja days, hm?

  6. Heh. Some seriously funny (and scary) baggage. Whenever I hear about people being over (or under) their exes, I think of Rachel and her drunken cell phone convo on Friends.

  7. Sadako, just wait until you see the answers to Friday's edition. There is another edition on Wednesday, but man, Friday's is just flat out ridiculous. (This is called a "tease" in the business.)


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