Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jerry Springer fondles your Baggage.

So, after much delay, let's talk about Baggage. It is a goofy idea for a dating "game show" but it works because Jerry Springer is the perfect guy to host it. The premise? A guy is picking from three women, based on the secrets they've revealed about their past. For example, on the show I watched last week, the three (attractive) women revealed their baggage to be:

- I have never had sex.
- I expect my man to wait on me hand and feet.
- I dated a felon.

After finding that out, the guy had to chose one to eliminate, based solely on their baggage. Now, all of the people involved were in their mid to late 20s, so I was surprised when he chose to get rid of the felon girl. After she was eliminated, she explained that she didn't know he was a felon.

I would have been much, much more concerned with the other two! Speaking as a 26-year-old, I think we all have a relationship we'd like to "take back" at this point in our lives. With that in mind, I'd be more concerned about someone who hadn't had sex yet or a high-maintenance drama queen than someone who dated a felon for a little bit.

But anyway, felon girl got eliminated. This left two women who were on opposite ends of the spectrum. One was a mouthy, high maintenance woman who oozed "sex kitten", as long as you didn't cross her. The other was a chaste, gorgeous blonde who revealed that she might NEVER have sex, because abstinence and God played a big part in her life. They both revealed a bit more baggage that wasn't really surprising - Sex Kitten once poured bleach all over an ex's clothes because he cheated on her, while Chastity was a bit OCD or something.

Anyway, the guy picks Chastity, which surprised me. He seemed like a bit of a tool, so why are you going after the sweetest dating show contestant ever? This causes Sex Kitten to react poorly, as she's all finger-snapping and like, "Oh no you didn't!" He then has to reveal his baggage, which is revealed as one of these three:

- I slept with my boss to get a promotion.
- I have been in seven pornographic films.
- I have not made any money the past three years.

Now, dude... Given that you know one of those three things would be revealed, why the heck would you choose the nicest, most precious woman ever? His actual baggage is the first thing, that he slept with his boss to get the promotion, and predictably, Chastity rejects him and says his baggage is too much for her.

However, another odd thing about this show - Chastity's actual name is LaChelle, and she said she is an English professor in the Midwest. This makes me wonder if she realized was going to be on a nationally syndicated game show? Because I am a reporter and naturally curious about these things, I popped the info into Google, and stumbled upon her blog, wherein she talks in great detail about the sex thing.

As a note, game show contestants in general fascinate me. In college, one of my friends had a fake story to impress women - He told them he had been on Nickelodeon Guts, because really, how the heck could you prove this wrong? And seeing as how all the people on Guts and Legends of the Hidden Temple and Double Dare and Arcade are roughly my age, I'm fascinated about how they got on the shows and what they're doing now.

For more on Baggage, check out the show's official site. It is on weeknights at 6:30 p.m. EST.


  1. I was talking about this very thing just the other day. Well not THIS thing, but the game show/reality show thing. Namely, what sort of person does it take to want to be a reality show contestant on these things? Attention whores mainly are the norm I'd say, but the occasional one slips through that doesn't fit the profile at all and you wonder what misconception lured them there. I can't fathom it because I can't imagine ANYTHING luring me onto one of those things. Doesn't anyone enjoy privacy anymore? :)

  2. I agree with you on the privacy thing. I'd go on national television if the reward was substantial enough - Like if the prize was a couple grand, or a million bucks. But a dating show?

  3. Well boys and girls, reality tv = not all that much reality. Yes, yes, the whole virgin thing is true. But most people on reality tv are interested in acting. And, sure, I'll accept the label of attention whore. :) But just because I often own up to it outside of Stephen's wonderful blog. Cheers.

  4. Okay, first of all, how was I not aware of this show? Oh, wait, it's on at 6:30!?! For real? Oh, and I don't get that channel. Never mind.

    Second of all, why, oh why would he choose one and two as better bets? In my opinion, two should have been the first one out. Three probably knows how to have a damn good time!

  5. LaChelle, was the dweeb they were trying to hook you up with interested in acting? And, outside of the time you two interacted on the show, did you talk with anyone else or that dude? Also, I wouldn't call you an attention whore. At least, I haven't seen the pics of you and Paris and LoHo yet.

    OBG, I've been DVR'ing the episodes here and there. I believe I read on the web that the show has an initial run of about 40 episodes. I also would have eliminated #2 first, since she seemed snotty as heck. But for the sleazy guy they had up there, she might have been the best match anyway.

  6. And for anyone reading these comments, again, you can read more about LaChelle over on her blog. I also asked her a bit about the casting and what not on Baggage:



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