Sunday, July 11, 2010

A show I'm unusually excited for - Covert Affairs

I will admit that I have had a minor crush on Piper Perabo after seeing her in my teens in Coyote Ugly. Now, the movie really wasn't what I was expecting as a 16-year-old male, but I thought she was quite pleasant in it as the cute blonde singer who has to be coerced a bit into joining a ridiculous bar where the staff dancers for money, but they're not strippers or whores. From the previews, I was expecting Cocktail minus Tom Cruise and plus hot chicks, but it wasn't horrible as far as romantic comedies go.

Note about Coyote Ugly: It has cameos from some surprising people. Johnny Knoxville in a pre-Jackass role? Alex Borstein (Lois from Family Guy and a regular on MadTV as a bidding auction lady? Tom Brady's baby-momma Bridget Moynahan? Kaitlin "Sweet Dee" Olson in a minor role???

Back on to the topic of Perabo though, she's starring in a new USA drama, Covert Affairs. It premieres Tuesday, and it looks like the perfect, breezy sort of show that USA has become known for.

Perabo plays Annie Walker, a young CIA employee that has recently been promoted to a field operative. The commercials for the show present her in a great light - She is equal parts plucky, sexy and vulnerable. Yes, I'm basing my thoughts of Perabo a lot on her appearance, but I've always thought of her as a mixture of all three based on Coyote Ugly and her appearances on late night talk shows.

Since there is the CIA element at play, one of my friends described Covert Affairs as Burn Notice with a female lead. I said that would be nice, since she can act, as opposed to the guy who plays Michael Weston. (Sorry Jeffrey Donovan, but Bruce Campbell is the only reason to watch that show now.) I'll be watching Tuesday night though, and hoping that Covert Affairs can live up to my expectations.


  1. She's very attractive. Some of her movies have sucked. But that's why they made Mute.

  2. haha, Agreed Amanda. And although her movies haven't been that great, I think she's been pretty splendid in them.

  3. She is quite attractive. I never saw Coyote Ugly but I think I've seen her in a play or two in the past.

  4. You stay away, Sadako! She's all mine. I shall totally woo her with my knowledge of Coyote Ugly.

  5. Yeah. So, I saw you in my followers and came to see what you write and, perhaps, follow you too. Michael Weston? Not believable?!? Blasphemy. I'm pretty sure the words you were looking for were: "That would be awesome if it were even half as good as Burn Notice, which is obviously the greatest show ever." You're welcome.

  6. haha Lacie, sorry for slagging on Michael Weston! But seriously, he can't act at all, and he and Fiona have the most horrible, stereotypical relationship ever. I loved the first season of Burn Notice, but it has been going steadily downhill since then.

  7. Piper better be paying you a percentage for helping pimp her out Steve! Either way, I hope she lives up to your teen-age crush tomorrow night.

  8. I doubt Piper needs my help to be pimped out. (Although, if this is the case, I need to find out who that is. I did find out she smokes though, which is a major turn-off.)


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