Wednesday, October 10, 2012

At The Commercials: ****ing Hamsters

Hi there people. Let’s talk.

When did we as a society decide that when it comes to respectable automobiles, what we need are hamsters? Or, as the t-shirt so drolly states, Hamstars! Get it? Ha! I’m putting that one into my stand-up routine.

But anyway, I hate that god damn commercial, and all of the other hamster commercials. They saturate every network I watch, and I have no idea why they’re so omnipresent. No one I’ve spoken to in person has expressed a contrary opinion.

So imagine my surprise when I look up the video on YouTube for this post, so I can complain about it, and it has 58,000 likes vs. only 2,400 dislikes! What gives, humankind? The economy is bad enough, we shouldn’t be encouraging the taking of human jobs by CGI hamsters, even if they are hamstars.

Let’s focus on a better commercial featuring a superior animal – This Whiskas commercial with a gorgeous British silver tabby:

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