Monday, August 13, 2012

At The Commercials: What's Goin' On, Dr. Scrubs?

It's weird to me when I recognize people from other roles, and it's not at all acknowledged. Some times, it's understandable - Plenty of actors pop up on Law and Order, and it wouldn't make sense to sequence break and go, "Hey, that's really Chevy Chase, and he's just pretending to be a drunken actor for this role."

However, the lack of acknowledgement makes less sense to me when you cast a semi-famous actor in a normal commercial. The above State Farm commercial makes absolutely no reference to Dr. Scrubs, even though everyone knows him from that. Heck, I barely ever watched Scrubs, and I still immediately recognized him.

(In case you're curious, his actual name is John C. McGinley. He was also in Platoon, which I shamefully haven't ever seen, and he played one of the Bobs in Office Space. For more, read his Wikipedia page.)

I don't know why he's on the State Farm commercial anyway, and it's especially weird that they don't acknowledge that he's a famous actor, because they've done this for some of their other commercials:

If it's good enough for Bill Lumbergh, why not Dr. Scrubs? Come on State Farm, don't be That Guy.

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