Monday, January 4, 2010

At The Commercials: Reebok is advertising... uh... I forget for some reason...

Ah, Reebok. Thank you so much for this commercial. I have no idea if it's sexist or not, but it is like the low-wattage, more clever version of all of the body spray commercials. I'd also argue that you can see a lot worse at most college workout rooms now, so it could just be my Puritanical values crying out when I consider her outfit kind of skimpy.

Regardless, the key aspect is her attitude anyway. Reebok could have just gotten some weird bimbo to promote their new super workout shoes, but instead, they chose a kind-of-spunky woman who actually looks pretty fit. As a result, I find this ad much, much effective than the other Reebok spots from the same campaign. The talking breasts commercial is funny, but a little more lurid, and the black-and-white ad feels like a spot for a perfume.

I have no idea if these shoes actually work - Apparently, they just make it harder to walk around by making your calves work harder. However, the ads are definitely a success, since some of the YouTube comments note that the shoes are sold out.


  1. I don't know about regular commercials, but for political ads the sign of success is that you can watch the ad with the sound off and still understand what is going on. I think that commercial does a pretty good job making the same point--this shoe=good butt, but I think a lot of the other product=SEX(Y) are pretty ineffective.

    Actually, I think the worst perpetrator for an ad that is just totally ineffective right now (for a slightly different reason) is those minute long Levis ads. I don't know if you've covered those on the blog yet, but let me recommend them as a future topic if you haven't. You have no idea what the ad is about for the first 45 seconds, and then once you do you get (or at least I get) slightly pissed off that they wasted that much of your time getting to the point. I think they're trying to generate buzz or keep you focused on the TV, but honestly, every subsequent time you see that ad you just say "oh, it's that stupid Levi's ad again, f this."

  2. Oh, and Adrian Beltre?

  3. I agree with you Bob, obviously. Definitely easy to follow what's going on in the Reebok commercial. And I'll take a look at that Levi's commercial.

    As far as Beltre, I'll probably wait a day or two to tackle that. If he definitely signs, then Lowell has to go, right? I suppose they could keep him and try to ditch Ortiz, but Ortiz has far more value to the Sox and far less value to other teams.


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