Thursday, September 23, 2010

Glee returns with a splendid episode.

People thought I went on vacation, but actually,
I spent the summer lost in the sewers.

Ah - Loony quotes from Brittney signify the restart of Glee. I was worried that the show might jump the shark and go the way of Heroes, but the second season premiere brought the funny in all of the aspects involving the New Horizons kids.

The odd thing to me was where the episode fell flat - Will and Sue torturing the new football coach, and the adults in general. First off, it looks like the new football coach is just the old one in drag, which would be humorous to me, but I don't know if this is actually the case. Second, Sue just came off as mean-mean, as opposed to funny-mean, like she normally is with Will. She still had some great lines at least. And third, where the heck was Jayma Mays??? She was the most surprising absence, and I hope she hasn't been downgraded to just a guest star for the season.

However, every scene with the kids was great. (Although, I did question the "Santana has breast implants" thing, for the simple fact that her breasts did not look any bigger.) I loved that Quinn and Sue cut a deal for her to regain her status as the top cheerleader, and the scene with Brittney, Sue, the football coach and the doll were hilarious. (Also, Quinn once again looks stunning, which can't be underestimated in terms of keeping my attention on the television set. I am a boy, after all.)

I do kind of wonder where they go from here, of course. Are we going to have another season of Rachel desperately trying to protect her grasp as the top singer on the club? I realize she's the closest thing the show has to a "star" after Jane Lynch, but I feel her character is dangerously overexposed already. I'm still hopeful for some Britt and Santana-centric episodes, since that would really help break up the focus on the four "mains" of the cast - Rachel, Finn, Sue and Will.


  1. Hey there fellow Glee fan!!!
    I too wasn't sure what the point was to Will and Sue torturing the new coach. Coach Bieste is a woman btw but her resemblence to Coach Tanaka is shocking.
    I am pretty sure they are hiding Ms. Pilsbury until they can show her with the dentist, John Stamos, which is supposed to make Will jealous. I hope we see a lot more of her. I love her character.
    Let's just hope that the season continues to focus on the story and not all the guest stars. I will be pissed if the show jumps the shark in the next few episodes. My little black heart might break!

  2. Major Glee fangrrl! Unfortunately I had to watch alone, so I wasn't able to talk this out with the old roommate, so bear with me:

    1. Santana's boobs are still totally the same size. If that girl got implants, she needs to ask for a refund. Unless she pulled a Jane Seymour and got the smallest cup size available.
    2. I love when Artie raps.
    3. I missed Jayma Mays, too. Wasn't she going into OCD rehab or something?
    4. I really want a Brittany sexual assault doll now. I'll be checking Etsy for this now.
    5. I don't like a mean Will. It's just not who he is. And it meant that we missed all of Sue's snarky comments about his hair.
    6. I adore that Sue has a Cheerio with Down's Syndrome. The girl is hilarious.

  3. @ M, M and I - That does make sense with Pilsbury, that they'd hide her until Stamos is on the scene. He is a beautiful bastard though, even to today, and he can sing a little bit. He makes sense to me as a guest star.

    I'm more worried about them doing a bunch of "theme" episodes. I personally thought that the Madonna and Gaga episodes were the weakest of the first season. However, the mash-up episode was awesome.

  4. @ Alison:

    1) It concerns me that you know that Jane Seymour got implants. Or is that just something from Wedding Crashers?

    3) Yeah, that was implied at the end of the first season. You're right.

    4) That would be AWESOME. I just want to marry Heather Elizabeth Morris. I think she's my age. (No one on that show is close to high school age, apparently.)

    6) That girl IS awesome! I'm glad they made her into a real character as opposed to just a prop, like a shitty show would.

  5. Well since you're hoping for more Brittany, next week's episode is going to center almost enirely around Brittany. Cause it's the Britney Spears episode. And they're not going to have a *bunch* of themed episodes. I wouldn't even really consider the Lady Gaga episode the same as the Madonna episode because it was just loosely themed around her. They sang other songs and had other things going on. The only other semi-themed episode they've announced is the Rocky Horror Picture Show Halloween episode. And I think that'll be a great episode. It's not ONLY going to be about Rocky Horror.
    I wish they had made Coach Bieste a more formidable apponenet for Sue. I thought she was going to be some big tough football coach but she's just starting to be portrayed as another woman who can't seem to take it. So I hope that changes and she starts fighting back against Sue more.
    As for Santana's implants, I thought they looked a little bigger, but also that Cheerios outfit kind of flattens out boobs. But I'm also glad Sue told Santana off for getting a boob job and didn't act like this was an okay thing to do. I thought that was pretty awesome.
    I'm not worried about the show doing badly second season. Kurt's going to be getting a boyfriend - I'm pretty sure it's going to be Sam. Sunshine's going to be some formidable competition with Vocal Adrenaline. Emma's new dentist boyfriend will cause some jealousy with Will. There's also suppose to be a character that's like the boy version of Mercedes. But I haven't heard much about that. And we're going to meet Sue's mom.
    So I am highly optimistic about the rest of the season :D

  6. @ Danielle - You really need to start e-mailing me these thoughts again, so I can just incorporate them into my entry, haha.

    Having Spears on the episode will no doubt make Brittney more involved. Hopefully, Spears is willing to play on her image; maybe she'll be the even dumber older sister of Brittany. (Note: I haven't look up the character she will be playing, because I like to be surprised by the show's casting. Everyone was tweeting about the Stamos thing though, so that won't be a surprise.)

    Coach Bieste is very meh to me, as much as Coach Tanaka was. The economics argument about football also makes very little sense, even for Glee. Like, it's clear the team has helmets and equipment, and in the past I think they've done scenes in a weight room. How could the team then be underfunded? A football team isn't like a glee club or a cheer squad, where you can always be buying new props.

    Apparently, you're paying closer attention to Santana's boobs than I am, which is concerning :) Personally, I don't mind implants; they aren't evil by themselves. But the intention behind them is seldom good.

    I view Sunshine = the ringer guy who seduced Rachel last season. Since that guy is done with Rachel (did he graduate?) you need her to take his place as the lead singer and competition for Vocal Adrenaline.


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