Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Brittany squared makes Glee awesome

Please don't pull out all my teeth - When I smile, I'll look like an adult baby with boobs.

I've been waiting for a Brittany-centric episode for almost a year now, and wow, it didn't disappoint. She had lines in practically every scene she was in, and all of them were great, like the one above. She's hilarious! She needs more air time!

"... Are you a cat?" "I would just like to say that from now on, I demand every solo in Glee club." "I'm more talented that all of you, I can see that clearly now. It's Brittany... bitch." "I fed the snake."

And obviously, from the photos, beyond being funny she is also... uh... a tremendous dancer. Obviously. Unlike some of the other past "theme" episodes Glee has done, I felt that they integrated the music in better, thanks to the dentist dream sequences. Spears also took part in the episode, but only two scenes, so it helped to establish that the episode had her "blessing," if you will.

One other random thought I had while watching about Brittany / Britney: She sure is tall. However, according to this site of celebrity heights, she's "only" 5'8". Maybe it's just that other people on the show are shorter? She's frequently seen next to Santana, who according to IMDB is three inches shorter, and Lea Michele (Rachel) is 5'2", and Dianna Agron (Quinn) is at 5'6".

However, on the negative side, I'll say that I am officially effed out on Will and Emma's thing. Whatever chance that had died to me when he showed up in that fancy car to impress her, and then his ex-wife got into a fight with him. (By the way, wtf? Where the heck did she come from?) Emma and Will getting back together just seems too implausible at this point, even for Glee. Please just give him a new girlfriend, creators.

Likewise, I don't care much for even more Rachel and Finn drama (even if she was incredibly hot in this episode), or Artie trying to win back Tina, because hey, Artie WAS a huge jerk to her. And by all accounts on the show, Mike Chang is a good guy (who just happens to have perfect abs).

He's also another character that could use his own episode, as opposed to obsessing so much over the Will-Emma, Tina-Artie and Rachel-Finn pairings. I need to see more about Mike Chang, Puck, Kurt's awesome dad Mike O'Malley, Principal Figgins and a baby-less Quinn. Let's give the mainstays of the show a bit of a rest.


  1. I thought this episode was fab. I haven't watched much since the first season...and I only watched the singing part this time. But cheerleader Britney has some massive talent. lol

  2. I've been waiting for a BS episode forever. I LOVE HER, and Heather Morriss is an AMAZING dancer.

    I too lost interest in the Finn/Rachel story-mostly because I think Rachel's character needs to get hit by a school bus.

  3. last time you told me to e-mail you to integrate my opinion, but you already posted! So I'll just write here.
    While I LOVED this episode, as I do all Glee episodes, I didn't love it more than other celebrity-themed episodes. Although like I said last time, I still only consider the Madonna episode the same as this one. But I think that's mostly because I'm not super into Britney Spear's music, unless it's her older songs from her first two albums.
    I did love Brittany having more screen-time though. She was hilarious. Also, she is an AWESOME dancer. and killer body. I'm jealous.
    Artie singing "Stronger" was great! I don't think there's anything wrong though with him trying to win her back. It was lame of him to play a Halo marathon and not talk to her, but he IS a boy. So I'm not that surprised. Not that it excuses him.
    As for the Rachel/Finn thing, I'm kind of tired of it too and I hope they lay off it for a little bit. This one was just kind of annoying because it was really stupid. Or at least how it was done seemed stupid. Like I know Rachel is this self-centered, somewhat manipulative character but this situation intensified that and made her just seem like the stereotypical crazy girl who tries to control her boyfriend and like use manipulative "tests" to see how he feels. She's always been all about herself since episode 1, but usually you can just shrug it off, but the last two episodes make her just seem...awful. The only time this happened before was when she quit Glee in the middle of season 1 for 2 episodes to be part of the play because she didn't think she was getting enough spotlight. So I hope this stops and she goes back to being quirky crazy instead of crazy crazy.
    I agree with you though to an extent on Will and Emma. I feel Will went over the edge trying to get Emma back, but on the other hand, I feel that's pretty true to life sometimes - not seeing the ridiculous stuff you're doing when trying to win someone over til it's too late. So I think he needs to back off for a while and let Emma and Carl ride it out. I'm not surprised Terry showed up out of nowhere. She is a crazy bitch.

  4. I caught a couple of episodes (not in order) of Glee during the reruns, and started watching when the new season started. (I was often criticized by some ignorant family members for watching LOST last season instead of Glee). I was excited for last night's episode, but disappointed that I missed the first 15 minutes, and therefore the first performance! I was not aware that this was supposed to be a Brittany-centric episode. Was it mainly in the first 15 minutes?

  5. I just had to read your Glee post! I agree in that Brittany was awesome at just about everything - singing, dancing, and providing some fabulous lines. Love her.

    I was not feeling Rachel at ALL in this episode - how whiny, insecure, and self-centered can one girl be? And I don't know many guys who would put up with it. Also, I regret snacking during her solo at the end because despite the cute lyrics, the performance had vomit-inducing tendencies.

    I missed the previews because my DVR cut out, but I could use some more Puck next week.

  6. The girl that plays Brittany is a professional dancer. She was one of Beyonce's dancers in "Single Ladies" and actually got hired for Glee after teaching the cast the dance.

    Brittany is possibly my favorite character. And I'm so over Will-Emma and Finn-Rachel, too. And just where did Terry come from? And where did she go after that? And what happened with Kurt going to the principal's office? And the previews for next week worry me because I freaking love Kurt's dad. He needs to be okay. And I need to be less involved with tv characters.

  7. @ Amanda - haha, Yes, she does have massive talent, in all senses of that word. I think her and Santana have both forced themselves into bigger roles because of their versatility, although that is probably at the expense of Mercedes.

  8. @ Jenna - Rachel does seem to get more and more annoying. I mean, on the show she is a junior, so it's still kind of believable that she's bratty and what not. However, she keeps doing the same god damn shit, as opposed to new annoying things. How many times can they do the "Rachel is insecure!" plot?

  9. @ Danielle - Brittany (Heather Elizabeth Morris) should be illegal. She's simply so awesome at the role she has on the show. It makes me want to see her in some other things.

    I was surprised to see Terry back on the show just because, well, I thought we were done with her. I actually found her non-Will stuff from season one to be interesting, but unless they're going to re-visit her at the yarn store again, or living alone, I think they can stay away from her.

  10. @ Krista - LOST, well, I got hooked by that too, so I can't blame you. I just love Glee because of how different it is from anything else on television. Even though I'm a boy.

    And yeah, the first 15 minutes had two Spears numbers, I think, along with a lot of funny explanation and Brittany lines. Like how she has lived in the shadow of Britney Spears because her full name is Brittany S. Piers.

  11. @ Jen - To be fair, I know plenty of guys who would put up with Rachel because... Well... Look at her. Lea Michele is workin' it.

    I also missed the previews :/ My DVR never seems to catch them, but I kind of like to be surprised when I watch from week to week.

  12. @ Alison - I knew a bit of her background, yeah. She's definitely got some range, and I like that Glee recognized that. She is totally my favorite character as well.


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