Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Buy My Crap: Destiny! GBA games! Bad PS2 and XBox games!

Another week, another inexplicable auction! If you're looking for some crappy, old Playstation 2 and XBox games, I've got some auctions for you. Plus, there are some semi-decent games involved too, like Mario Golf Advance, Destiny and Mario Party Advance.

As usual, I've given some of them stupid descriptions in an attempt to sell them. I'm particularly proud of my explanations for Brett and Raquel's Battlefield 2 and Vin Diesel's Wheelman. If you're interested in anything, my actual friends (presumably), let me know and I'd probably be willing to just send it to you if it doesn't sell.

I mean, look at the manliness and ruggedness of that sonnabitch. That's the sort of man you can really wind your watch to. Look at dem sunglasses.

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