Monday, August 17, 2009

Expanding into multimedia

I'm a big fan of things like the Angry Video Game Nerd (see above), the gaming reviews at ScrewAttack and Bill Simmons' podcast, and all three have tempted me to make my own foray into multimedia. While I'm not really sure why people would want to see me on camera or hear the sound of my voice, I also don't know why they would want to read this blog, yet I still write. So why not do a podcast or videocast if I have some free time?

The odd thing is that I do have some professional and semi-professional experience. When I was in college, I had to do some video editing, and I did film myself doing a stand-up (i.e. when you see TV anchors standing outside of a building and talking about an issue). I even interviewed my friend Maggie for it; I should try to find that segment and post it online.

And when it comes to audio editing, I have even more experience. While I won't profess to being an expert on balancing levels or quality, I used to record and cut the audio for Dave Dameshek's Pittsburgh radio show, and I think I did a decent enough job at it. I did a few audio clips and interviews for East Bay Newspapers, when I worked for them. (Those definitely still exist, and I'll try to find and post them.) I was also on-air on the Dameshek show a couple times, and I was a caller on the final Adam Carolla Show.

Clearly, with all of that experience, I'm practically the King of Multimedia already. But, if I was going to start doing some of that stuff for this blog, does anyone have any requests? The easiest stuff would be to do music, movie or video game reviews like ScrewAttack and the Nerd do, so I'm skewing toward that if I do do it, but I'm open to other ideas.


  1. I think you should have a staring contest with the viewers.

  2. How would I do a staring contest? I could just cheat by looping the video...


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