Friday, August 21, 2009

At The Commercials: The Two-Timing Commercial Girl

I dislike when the same actor or actress is in two or more commercials for different companies. A prime example I've seen of this lately is this girl (above) from Kingsford Charcoal, who is also in a commercial for a small business loan from some bank.

Hey lady, which is it? Am I to believe that you're a baker who needs a small business loan, AND that your husband plays budinsky when you try to light the Kingsford Charcoal? And don't pretend like it isn't you, because you have a pretty distinctive nose, so I know it's you. How DARE you!

... That being said, this actress is still a little underground. Nobody else has been writing about her except me on the web, at least nobody that I can determine from doing a Google search, and I'm normally pretty decent with the Google. So, kudos for me. I can't find her name and that usual stuff that I do for commercials though, so sorry about that.


  1. This bothers me too... but not quite as much as celebrities who do the same thing and seem to support everything from a brand of toothpaste to a flavor of Gatorade! (this is not specifically directed at Peyton Manning, but it's his fault that this pet peeve started!)

    Also. I HATE this commercial in general. It is incredibly stupid and I'm not a die hard feminist or anything, but it's just dumb. I really don't think too many men out there think women are incapable of lighting grills.

  2. I don't mind the multiple athlete endorsement as much because it is conceivable to me that Peyton Manning could like toothpaste and Gatorade. I don't like the ones with these girls because they are clearly actresses who are just pimping themselves out to any casting director that drops a nickel.

    I do think she's a bit funny/silly in the Kingsford commercial, but yeah, I doubt guys actually act like that about lighting the grill. I think the act of cooking is the bigger thing, like how Barrett got all thrilled at one Cigar party because he was the one manning the grill. (I think Meg V. eventually pushed him aside though, to cook some delicious chicken skewers.)

  3. Wasn't she also a copy clerk in a Kinko's commercial as well?

  4. She was??? My god! She slings it out to any commercial director with a checkbook!

  5. also, who gives two sh*ts, ya's a make believe world of TV, wtf is knotted up in you...?


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