Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tag Team: The Pharmacy Gal

[Left] The one picture I was able to take at the wedding Friday.

Bob's new wife - and by that, I mean they got married on Friday - asked for a sidebar to his tag team blogs, so here it is. I think this will be incorporated into the blogs I do with Bob from now on, but I did want to sneak this in here. She did ask to do a weekly picks column during the football season, so if Bob is game, or some others want to join in, I'm willing to do a weekly football picks thing.

Hey, I just wanted to say that 1) I want to cry about the Masterson trade. 2) Please stop referring to Tek as washed-up. I think punching A-Rod in the face has bought him a little more respect than that (and my unconditional love). 3) I second the three lovely ladies that you picked out to suddenly appear at our wedding as your date, nice choices. 4) Retro video games, star wars/trek, and other nerd chat would most likely go over well with your prospects at our wedding, most of my girlfriends are tomboys. 5)Thanks again for admiring the invitations, hopefully you also enjoy the favors, programs, etc. we spent all weekend making.

Editor's note: I did!

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