Saturday, August 22, 2009

On marriage, arrested development and Arrested Development

The best scene ever from Arrested Development.

So last night was my buddy Bob's wedding; you might remember him from previous blog tag teams here and here. (As an aside, his wonderful wife, Kristin, did write me something, a la how the Sports Gal writes a sidebar for his column. It'll be posted tomorrow morning.)

All-in-all, it was a great time. It was on the deck of Amalfi, a nice restaurant that has a deck overlooking Narragansett Beach and the Atlantic Ocean. After a 30-minute ceremony, there was a full night of open bar, free appetizers and a dinner, all three of which are great to me. I checked out shortly after the dancing started, because like almost every guy ever, that's not really my scene.

I suppose the only disheartening thing was that there weren't a ton of single people my age. Although I'm not having a quarter-life crisis or anything, I have noticed that there is a bit of a drop in the dating pool as I get older, and meanwhile, I feel like I'm in a state of arrested development.

For example, if I met someone tomorrow, and everything went great, and we never, ever had issues, we might get married in two years. I'd be 27, so kids would probably happen when I was 28, with me hitting my 40s as they hit their teens. That has always been my kind of ideal when I was growing up and imagining my future self.

Real-life kind of got in the way of all of that, regardless of what I acknowledge as the cause - age differences and life differences and my stupidity in past relationships, my layoff a year ago or my decision to pursue journalism as opposed to million dollar banking as a profession. While I'm generally happy right now and in a good situation (finally) when it comes to working, I still got a melancholy feeling watching other people dance and what not last night. It felt even odder when a pair of Bob's friends told me they have been to SEVEN weddings this summer!

Anyway, let me acknowledge the final part of this entry's title - Arrested Development. That's what I watched when I got home, and that did bring a smile to my face, which was awesome. For those of you curious about what episode I watched, it was the one where George Michael thinks he got a jetpack from his dad, and the culminating scene in the episode has him wrestling with Tobias, dressed as a mole, as they destroy a mini-village setup by Gob and Buster as a demo for Japanese businessmen. (That was a mouthful! p.s. That's something Tobias would say.)


  1. I think you chose the wrong episode. Pretty sure Motherboy XXX is probably the crowned jewel of the series. However, that photo you chose made me LOL. For real.

  2. "Motherboy XXX" is good, but I still prefer this episode. It gains a lot on the second viewing - Just listen to Tobias during the fight scene. As he's ripping apart buildings as the mole, he's saying stuff like, "Oh this building is not up to code!"


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