Monday, August 3, 2009

Steve Greenwell, narcissist, and the blog business

So, Dr. Drew has a personality test that you can take online that assesses how narcissistic you are in various areas. If you're interested in taking it, you can click here, and find out your own score. The higher the number, the more narcissistic you are, although Drew does stress that this isn't necessarily a bad thing.

If you want to have some fun with it, I can try to guess your score before you post it. My score probably isn't that surprising – I've taken the test twice and gotten a 21 and a 25, putting me well-above the “average” score of 15. The maximum is 40. I write a blog that is basically just me pontificating on various subjects, and think that other people enjoy it, which takes a certain amount of narcissism to believe.

And because the post the other day on the scheduling of this blog got such a great response, I've decided that from now on all scheduled posts will drop at roughly 4 p.m. EST every day. As long as issues don't pop up, there should be a new post at that time every day. This does not apply to “news” posts, although I don't do as many of them now, and any sort of “spur of the moment” post.


  1. haha and if my great response you mean none...
    I got a 6! But you already knew that.
    I don't care when you post, I'll still end up reading them at the same time. your website is one of the ones on my firefox newsfeed so it tells me when you've updated.

  2. Sweeeet. I'm so awesome like that!

    And yeah, as I said, your score of 6 doesn't surprise me. You are a good person and all, and not pompous.


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