Monday, October 18, 2010

Steve Around The House - The Great Driveway Flooding

I really enjoy my new place. My roommate is awesome, and I'm glad she puts up with a smelly boy like myself, and her cat, Cleo, is awesome, as I've previously established.

However, one looming issue is the huge puddle in my front yard. Every time it rains, the driveway floods, as you can see above. That picture is from Friday afternoon, and it's still here today, Tuesday night. ick. At its deepest point, the water gets mid-calf.

I'm not sure if things will get any better in the winter, either. Sure, it will freeze over, thus preventing my engine from water damage. But since it'll be ice, I'm sure there could be bigger issues. Like me accidentally parking in the puddle, and coming out the next morning to find my wheels frozen in the middle of a puddle. That... would be bad.

A side benefit of the puddle in the front yard is that my basement is dry. Our neighbor has no water in his half of the driveway, but in contrast, his basement gets flooded after even a tiny bit of rain. Then again, our basement is so musky and gross that a pool of water down there might help matters. When we moved in, the only things down there were a dehumidifier, a couple beer pong balls, and some rat poison.


  1. Wow. Now that's a puddle. :/ I get that in the back of my driveway...and, yes, it freezes over. When my puppy was alive, he liked one very specific tree, which just happened to be beyond the ice puddle. He crossed it just fine, but coming back was different--he totally freaked trying to get back to me. So, I'd have to scoot across the thing to get him. Can't tell you how many times I fell on my bum. But, then, my puppy was so darn cute I didn't really mind. :)

  2. That mess is bordering on becoming a small pond. You might have to get wee row boat to transport you out to your car.

    Side note: Boobie post up today, cause I know how the dudes like stuff like that on my pervy/snarky little blog ; )

  3. @ THE Frisky Virgin - Aw! See, that's cute, even if you did have to freeze your butt off to retrieve him. Dogs are weird like that. My parents' dog used to race up the steps eagerly, but he hated going down them. You would have to give him a push in the butt to get him to go.

  4. @ Larissa - Confession: Ducks are my favorite type of animal. Like, I have two duck towels, and various other duck stuff, like a paper weight and what not. So, if they decided to hang out in the front yard, I'd be thrilled with that. Unfortunately, we're kind of far from a proper body of water, so we don't really get many birds and water fowl.

  5. @ The Empress - I will say that luckily, because I'm typically the last of the four people in our parking area to leave in the morning, I can normally just pull through the driveway.

    And you think you can distract me with boobs??? Sweet, succulent boobs... Well okay. I am a dude, after all.

  6. Just embrace it. You will need a small raft, some floaties, and some flippers. Also, a large tropical drink with a lot of alcohol in it. After enough large drinks with lots of alcohol, you can probably pretend it is a pool at a tropical resort.

  7. Holy shit! When the winter hits you are going to have your very own ice skating rink! Like, in your front YARD. It's like you live in Christmas, man!

    (does the positive spin help?)

  8. @ Megs - heh, I suppose I could do that, except the weather never really gets that tropical here in Rhode Island :/ It's either like Florida, with intense heat and muggy humidity, or it gets crisp and eventually bitter in the fall.

  9. @ FF - Thanks for trying to put a positive spin on it :) I suppose I could charm some ladies with my own ice skating rink... It'll be exactly like Rocky or The Cutting Edge (oh yeah, I've seen it).


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