Friday, October 8, 2010

Baggage odds and ends

Two notes on Baggage...

1) My friend Tom actually tracked down the former NFL player, Taylor Horn, from yesterday's blog entry. You can find his modeling website here, which has a link to his blog here. His blog is... interesting. He apparently does not believe in the letter C, and replaces all of his C's with K's. He also writes a bit about the Baggage casting:
The producer of Baggage Kalled me yesterday to ask me if I was ready for the show? She also wanted to know what my wardrobe was going to be. I told her don’t worry about my wardrobe I’m Koming in fresh, I will be getting my grown man on and hell yeah I’m ready! I asked her if the girl they selected was Kute? She asked Why? I replied beKause I am going to win. More than likely you got me up against two chumps. You should ask about a Morehouse Man. I do not want to be seen on T.V. being hooked with a ugly chick. The producer laughed and said I love the Konfidence. This is going to be fun and fuuuuuuny. I will blog about it Fri night.
2) Also regarding the Baggage experience, one of the past contestants, Ted, said a friend of his linked him to this blog. He commented about his experience on this entry here. Thanks for sharing again, Ted!

Taylor's photo is from his modeling profile, which is already linked above.


  1. Based on the above conversation, the upcoming episode should prove to be interesting.

    And FYI, in case you happened to notice my lack of comments of late, I did not actually break up with and abandon you Steve. I'm sure you feel better now...

    Happy Weekend, The Empress

  2. @ The Empress - Aw, I'm so glad you're still with me! <3 Yeah, I realize that commenting kind of goes in cycles. I know that personally, I hadn't commented on anything for about a week because I was so busy, before I finally got back into the swing of things this week.


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