Thursday, October 14, 2010

This week on Glee: Kurt, Sam, Artie, Brittany and scissoring

Oh, Glee. Glee, Glee, Glee. First off, there was an utterly ridiculous scene in the first 10 minutes, as Santana and Brittany were making out and talking about scissoring. Second, Rachel looks great with bangs. Third, it was cool to see Mike Chang actually get involved in an episode besides dancing. (Even if he really can't sing at all.) And finally, Quinn (and especially her eyes) looked great as she was cleaning slushie off the new quarterback, and I loved how tense her scenes were.

Regarding the actual plot itself, I like that they addressed one of my biggest issues with the first season - that everybody but Kurt's dad realize he was way too aggressive with Finn. Kurt's dad nailed him on it, which I thought was an awesome bit of follow-up.

I also like how Sam and Finn were bantering about Rachel and Quinn. "She's a couple inches shorter and she talks a lot more, but I love her." Well said, Finn, well said. I enjoy all the subtle touches like that; they really help to round out the entire episode. Santana is awesome as well, and I like how evil and aggressive she is. And also, why did Quinn wear her cheerleading outfit on her date to Breadsticks with Sam? Why was Brittany wearing hers too? And was it just me, or was Breadsticks an obvious spoof of The Olive Garden?

One thing that is annoying, and that I'm sure they'll address eventually, is Artie portraying himself as a victim at every opportunity. Since Brittany is my favorite character, I'm annoyed that he hurt her. How DARE you, Artie! And speaking of, here are the awesome Brittany quotes from last night:

On Puck getting sent to juvenile hall: "He might be the dumbest person on the planet and that's coming from me."

Will: What's a duet? Brittany: A blanket.

About Artie: "I know, for a while I thought you were a robot."

To Artie: "I just want to get you in a stroller."

To Santana: "I'm mad at you... but you're still so hot."

Artie: I thought I was over somebody, but I still think I have feelings for them...
Brittany: The Clintons?

While about to have sex with Artie: "You're on the football team now anyway, so we would have gotten around to this at some point."

"I was going to order one really, really long piece of spaghetti like Lady and the Tramp... I've been practicing nudging a meatball across the table with my nose."


Danielle: Heyyy, hope you don't read this e-mail before you see the episode!

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It brought back all the perfect hilarity and awesomeness while only putting in a few serious moments - Kurt dealing with being lonely, Artie and sex.

I thought Mercedes and Santana's duet was great. And when they were talking beforehand about doing the duet and Santana keeps calling her Weezy.

The other duets were great too - I like that they didn't just do a bunch of typical duets. Kurt's self-duet was very... Kurtish, haha, and I thought Tina and Mike's duet was unique. Rachel and Finn's determination to throw the competition was great too, like when they were getting all fake indignant.

This episode also made me love Rachel again. She was starting to be super annoying the first two episodes, but I just loved her in this episode. That was the Rachel I like.

And of course we can't forget Brittany and Santana making out and bringing up scissoring! Not that I'm completely surprised. I'm glad Artie told Brittany off for treating him the way she did. But the fact that she felt bad was good to see. It was cute in the end when she was moving the meatball with her nose all by herself. I guess also kind of sad, lol.

And Sam! The fact that they made his character a football player but this wicked awkward nerdy guy was great. I hang out with a lot of nerdy guys, so I've been around the cringe-worthy moments when they're trying to be cool and then say the weirdest things. Him and Quinn could be really cute together. When Puck comes back, the confrontation with Sam should be interesting.


  1. My favorite moments on Glee too!!! And Brittany is HILARIOUS.

    I watched some of the behind-the-scenes stuff on the website, and I totally have a girl-crush on Dianna Agron. She is so cute and seems so down to earth. And she was great this week. I loved when she said OK, it was a date with Sam. It bugged me that the breadsticks at Breadsticks looked disgusting. Like giant pretzel sticks -- that is not bread.

    I'm really glad someone called Kurt out. But at the same time, I do want Kurt not to be lonely.

    The Tina/Mike duet was super cool because (you probably know this) the song is from "A Chorus Line," and I saw it in New York. In the play, it's a guy from the Bronx who CAN sing, and his girlfriend who can't, and they're trying out to be in the chorus for a musical. So I LOVED that. It was a perfect debut solo for Mike.

    And Brittany with the meatball... Possibly my favorite thing all night. I like that she's saying more this season, and it's not just the random dumb comment; she's developing as a character.

    Oh my gosh, you totally are a male version of me.

  2. I don't watch Glee, but the scissoring comment reminds me of South Park. Is that sad? Please tell me that it also reminds you of South Park.

  3. Yeah I thought Artie was being totally irritating and out of line. If sex means sooo much to you, why did you do it with someone you barely know? She didn't make him do anything. I can't stand Artie.

  4. @ Rebekah - I know! We do seem to have very similar opinions. It's too bad you're married, and 500 miles away. But as Vince Vaughn says in Old School, you know, if things change, give me a call.

    That part of Breadsticks bugged me too; it seemed like their "breadsticks" were pretzels.

    I think Kurt eventually gets a boyfriend, but maybe they were waiting to see if the show was a success for taking the (probably) risky step of portraying high school boy-on-boy kissing.

  5. @ Anonymous - Sadly, that was also the first thought that entered my head, haha. I think South Park might have popularized that phrase.

  6. @ Sierra - I'm with you on that totally. I think the glee club has been very accepting of him and accommodating, but he still sees himself as a victim.

  7. Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey heyyyyyyyyyyyy


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