Tuesday, March 9, 2010

At The Commercials: I refuse to believe women talk about this.

Seriously, I don't believe that women talk to one another like this about birth control. Or, that they'd love that first commercial so much! Way to fail on both fronts, ad agency for Nuvaring.

Know what would have been more refreshing? If instead of this commercial, Nuvaring's women had said, "Hey, we realize our first commercial really, really sucked, but honestly, our product is great. Please buy it." It would be similar to Domino's, who fell on their own sword when it came to their cardboard pizza, and just came out and agreed that their pizza sucked. But, unlike Domino's, Nuvaring never had anything as cool as The Noid:


  1. haha it's a little overdone, but I have had somewhat similar conversation before with one of my cousins when she got something similar to nuvaring. cause I hadn't heard of it and didn't know what it was. No one would be like "it's a vaginal insert." that's weird.

  2. I can believe that women talk to one another about birth control and what not, but 1) I bet it is a LOT more explicit and 2) it is probably not all cutesy like this horrible commercial. booooo.


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