Sunday, March 14, 2010

Restaurant Review: Seven Moons

So tonight, I'm hitting up Seven Moons with my friend Becca. As a result, I'm kind of half-butting this entry off the top of my head right now, before I go. (As a reminder, entries are time delayed; I don't actually type them all up right before 7 p.m.) I'll have another entry today about the awesome episode of Community that was on this week, and the other Thursday night shows I watch, The Office and Parks and Recreation.

Anyway, Seven Moons is the best restaurant of one type of Asian food - Good food. This is in contrast from places like Chen's, Bali Village and New Dragon, which tend to have cheaper food in greater quantities. In contrast, Seven Moons has sushi and tempura and other better, higher-quality food.


  1. Where is your grade for Seven Moons, so I can compare it to your grade of Marriage Ref?

  2. howdareyou. How DARE you, Bob!

    ... Seven Moons gets a B+ from me. I really like the sushi there, but the menu has SO many options that it can be overwhelming. Also, no dinner combo plates outside of the Bento Box - What gives???

  3. I'm with you on the lack of dinner combinations. I demand the ability to get fried rice and an egg roll with my entree.

  4. I know, right? I don't even like egg rolls, but I like them if they're free with my meal.

  5. whoa i get a mention in this one? i feel special!!!

  6. @ Becca - haha, Yup! It is indeed a shout-out. I think that's the only time you've been mentioned in an entry though, except for the room pictures I just posted the other day.


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