Wednesday, March 17, 2010

TV Review: South Parks starts season 14 on strong note

Ah, South Park. Good times as always. “Why would a man who is rich and famous try to have sex with lots of women???” The episode also starts with a great spoof of the Thanksgiving night event.

Butters freaks out about seeing a vagina for the first time, which is great for his reaction. Various Butters' quotes from the episode: “Did you see the bush on that lady???” “It was just so big and bushy, sir! Why does it look like that?” “Are there berries in it?”

Unfortunately though, it means that Kenny, Kyle and Butters have sex addiction, and are ordered to be separated from the rest of the students. And of course, Kenny dies from auto-erotic asphyxiation. And at his funeral, Butters tries to trim a bush into what he saw between the lady's legs.

From there, the episode is mostly about a Wizard Alien that is casting a spell on all the men in the United States, making them cheat on their wives when they have lots of money. Outside of a segment with monkeys, this portion is less successful, but the Butters quotes alone make this episode worth watching.

Grade: B+

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